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Thank you. I hope  to make something big one day.

Wait are you still within your deadline? Can you do this to your entry?

What's new?

Controls felt too slippery and not as responsive as they should be. Destruction of terrain was kinda cool but I didn't feel that it had much of a purpose other lasering a few blocks to get further. The laser cooldown felt a bit awkward. Assigning the bazooka change key and sprint key felt like a lazy attempt to fit the theme. The game could've benefited from some music and sound effects. Also a better atmosphere would to wonders for the game as it felt bland. If the game felt more fast paced with more fluid controls. Aside from the downsides I think its good for the time you had to make it.

I rate 2/5. Has potential.

Not sure if I'm supposed to be reviewing things with extreme honesty but that's how I roll. Thank you for participating in the jam.

Ok game, didn't feel as fast paced as claimed. The atmosphere was kind of boring and felt a little depressing for the wrong reasons. I feel that this dash mechanic could have more purpose/impact in the game.  I didn't feel in any way in danger a few minutes in and you could probably continue forever, assuming the difficulty doesn't ramp up for more than 5 minutes (I only played for 5 minutes).

If this whole concept could be pushed harder this game potentially could turn a few heads. I appreciate the effort put into it, but I have to not think about the time constraint too much when reviewing - this is a game review and not a watered down excuse of a review. GOOD JOB. I rate 2/5 stars overall. A simple generic arcade game to pass time.

Also, I got a score of  3308 before getting bored and calling quits:

Hey thanks for playing - you are very valued. What was this error? Can you take a screenshot and show me? It would be much appreciated.

If you don't know the controls or want more info on the game+a debrief of my thoughts, you can go to the actual game page for much more information on the game:

If you're not bothered to see the controls on that page, here you go:


Game info:

You play as Kari, an android from a distant planet on an adventure to explore various landscapes. In order for Kari to progress, Kari must use critical thinking to get past the harsh environment Kari encounters. Will you carry Kari to great adventures?

Get to the green teleportation orbs to advance!

Items you carry can block dangerous energy shots!


  • Left and right keys for horizontal movement
  • Z to do a jump
  • X to carry blocks or shields
    • There are 2 ways of carrying items:
      • X+No arrow keys = Carry item above head
      • X+An arrow key = Carry item in front of you
  • R to restart
    • Hold R for a few seconds to restart whole game