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Thanks you very much ! 

Thanks you ! Did you have any difficulties to find the 9 pieces ?

Thanks you very much ! It will have an update after the end of the event (I hope).

Thanks ! Indeed, I need to make the pieces more visible. Some people get the same problem. There is flowers in the bag, the chest have to be open with the key on the floor, and the book wich is reverse (? sorry for my english between the mangas. I wanted to make the pieces visible by their contraste with their environment. The book is the only one wich is reverse, the flowers (pink wrap) are visible from the bag (blue), etc. You're right for the arrows and the inventory system. Next time it will be better, I promise !

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It was not a bad experience ! Oo I just give you some advices ! It's really good to see this for a first project. If you could have seen my first game........ So, be proud of yourself !

Thanks ! Yeah, I note this problems for a possible update or future game. 

Thanks you ! I'm happy to see that people get the positive message (so I'm happy to see that I didn't fail lmao).

An addictive arcade game. I'm bad at it, but well done ! +++ the soundeffects

Well done for a first project. Continue like this !

Your game is good how it is, of course, but you can make a good rogue like/lite from this game. I already saw this type of gameplay (but I do not remember in wich game right now) and it's always a pleasure. The DA is orignal, I like it. Well done.

Thanks !

Thanks you very much ! For my first point and click, it's motivating to hear that. There is 3 pieces by scene. Search something that is intriguing (? sorry for my english). Ask yourself : "Why is this like that and not like this ?". I don't know if I'm clear, but, the pieces are always something visually intriguing. And if you don't find, I'll tell you. Thanks you very much !

Thanks you very much !


Give a cookie to the voice actor !

The donut is not in my stomach :(

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Oh ? I didn't see any. Do you have some title in mind ? I'm curious to know what you are talking about !

I'm a newbie in drawing. I did some this summer, and I think I found my style (for now). You can check this on my twitter if you are interested.

Thanks you !

Do you want to make this game a bigger one ? (sorry for my english)

Maybe, some 2d mini game who represent the story. A puzzle when the character have to find an idea by himself, a parkour when the character have to escape a thought, etc... Excuse me if my english is not correct.

Very good game !

UNLIMITED POWEEEEER ! (light bulbs dont light up)

Winter > Summer

I didn't success to kill enemies. And even if I had killed some, the range enemies are too strong I think. You have to work on the balancing. But the sound effect and the music are good. You can be proud of your first GameJam ! 

Can't play :(

Nice concept ! If you want to do a bigger game, you'll have to rework the concept I think.

Maybe add a count for the score !

Nice story ! But the gameplay is very repetitiv. I like the sprites btw

Nice concept ! Maybe improve the UI with a map at the top left of the screen.

The concept of the game is interesting and fun.

This game is very interesting ! The music is quit loud, we can have some difficulties to hear you.

An anonymous person say that ?! I greatly appreciate it!