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hey, bit late to jump in on this i reckon but give me a yell next time you're looking for a jam team, your stuff looks great! I'm a programmer/producer/writer.

Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment! Glad you got something out of it. :)

course not!

thank you for the thoughtful, detailed comment cecile :)


Yep! Hint: the password is on the itch page

Was looking forward to the first comment about that :))

oh? As in, the dialogue boxes were empty? That's worrying!

Explore an intergalactic train and befriend inspect dozens of quirky aliens on their morning commute. In this galaxy, fare evading is serious business - Can you bring these despicably petty criminals to task?

Space Mykee Officer is a surreal space comedy set in a world stranger than fiction: the public transport system. Playing as everyone's least favourite discount cop - a ticket inspector - discover that even unfathomable creatures have relatable problems.

Grab it here:




Thanks for checking out my game!

Thank you for checking out the game! Admittedly, I knew that was an issue, but I thought the safe area was big enough that nobody would fall off unless they really tried to xP. Perhaps we have an update coming

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed. It was very fun seeing you react to the bouncy water :)

Oh, to park my bottom on a stone by the river under the bridge...


Is the server still running? I waited a good while and couldn't get in.

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Quick Mention: Parsec

Parsec is a tool that lets you remotely connect to someone else's computer and control their mouse, keyboard, etc. If you're working in a team, it's worth checking out as a way to make collaboration and helping each other more convenient.

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https://moddedbeepbox.github.ioMore advanced version of beepbox with more settings to change, if you're into that

New record! 12.13 seconds (I dont think it can be topped in more than a few milliseconds)

34.6 seconds

How do you get the true ending

Alright, positives first:

  • Atypical UI interaction is always cute and fun
  • I like the ring surrounding the player/donuts, it makes it harder to lose track of where everything is. Donuts in general are very distinct from the rest of the world which makes reaction quick
  • You're always great with adding flair to menus and such. Main menu is lovely, and the transition screen is also great

And here are my criticisms/suggestions:

  • I think the colour palette is not very accessible, as there isn't a lot of contrast between the player, cutlery and the background. This is especially bad when the background changes around the 500 points range since it cloaks the spoons quite strongly. Ideal change would be reserving certain colours for the interactive elements and making them more saturated than the background (bright yellow and adjacent colours would work best)
  • Party popper sound is far too quiet
  • Adding a confetti particle to the party poppers is a no-brainer!
  • Knives and forks should be more unique than having different speeds. Would also look nice if the spoons rotated to match their changing velocity and eventual fall.
  • Donuts could also do something more unique than fall at different speeds i.e. wiggling back and forth a bit, perhaps going from side to side or bottom to top. You could even check out the different sort of enemy patterns in Galaga for inspiration
  • A simple temp-invincibility powerup, or perhaps one that lets you take one free hit, would be a great addition imo. Perhaps it even gets shot out of the party poppers for a rare boon!

PS: Criticisms tend to outweigh positives because stuff that's simply done well isn't always interesting to talk about - good controls aren't usually noteworthy while bad controls are, etc... Just wanted to say that so you don't think I disliked the game!

Patchy Patients community · Created a new topic Good fun!

Good fun jam game, but also one that shows potential for being expanded upon.