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A member registered Aug 30, 2016

Recent community posts

Hi Raven, I love how you listen to what the players say, unlike most other game developers. I wonder if you can add a local wifi multiplayer to Ravenfield, this will make it so much more fun to play! Also, can you make the bots more attracted to vehicles? Because it feels lonely by yourself in a car.

P.S. how do you change the controls after you have clicked on "only show when option is pressed". i'm on a mac btw

- Recoil on the ar 15 should be reduced.

- Add more jeeps in dustbowl, walking is absolutely exhausting.

- Health bar for vehicles and teammates should be added.

The tank is very hard to control and there is no way of knowing whether or not a gunman is in there. I love the game though, great update! P.S. Make the new rocket launcher a bit faster.

Nevermind, I can't rotate anymore, WTF has gotten into this game?

I wuv this game, it's very simple and very fun. But I'm getting tired of Beta 2, is Beta 3 coming out soon? Can't wait!