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Bilge Kaan

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Construct 3

Thank you, the server limit is 20 players right now.

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This game is about making this game.

  • Weird boss fights.
  • There are some platformer levels.
  • You push left, right, jump and sometimes press X.
  • It can be frustrating sometimes.

Hey, I made a Frog and Flies (ATARI 2600) clone with Construct 3.

You can download the code and play it here:

Hey! No worries, thank you :)

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My name is Bilge Kaan, I'm from Turkey.

Last month, I released a game called "Indecision.". Normally, I make HTML5 games as a freelancer. I made the game while I was working on freelance jobs. It's a short game but it took me 2 years to finish it.  I made it because I like the process of making it. I didn't think people would like it but it gets positive reviews on Steam and got a good review from Kotaku. It didn't make much money compared to my freelance jobs but it sold more then I thought. Even though you can finish it in less than 30 minutes and it costs $3, the refund rate is 10%.  It means people loved it or they don't know they can refund games :D I think it's a successful game. So to be successful keep your expectations low, make personal/weird games and have savings.

Indecision. :

Awesome! Thank you :)

Haha, I forgot the most important part. Thank you :) I inserted the link to the game's title.

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A haiku platformer.

I made many games as a freelancer, and they were all casual mobile games. I wanted to make something different this time. So, I started "Indecision." as a personal side project. It isn't for everyone, but you are welcomed to try it. The game won't take too much time to finish.

  • It's short and vague.
  • You won't feel like you achieve anything.
  • You just push left, right and sometimes jump.


“It only took a few seconds for me to fall completely in love with it.” -Kotaku