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Big Roy

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This was incredible, what a fantastic idea!

This game reminds me of using the ball of death in One Finger Death Punch- So satisfying! I would love to see randomized waves to keep it going!

Excellent sprite work, reminds me of trying to keep up aerial chains in Smash haha. Some juicy sound effects would make it even better

This is really fun! Super interesting!

Very nice, love it!

I have also included both executables in this post if anyone wants to play the game with the old title screen. That's literally the only difference, but I thought I should make it accessible.

Hi Antique, not sure if you meant Sniffelur's game or mine, but I just ran Shmavity through VirusTotal and it's come out clean

I just tried your game, I really like your take on the idea :D cheers

Cool, thanks for the reply

I have no experience making music, and I didn't see anything in the information about it. From the past Jams I've seen, every aspect of the game has to be original and made within the time given, but is that the case for this one? I'm only asking because I have one song in mind for comedic purposes, I could potentially learn how to make MIDIs pretty fast.