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Last week I made a concept of mechanics and I need some help with testing. If you have some free time, please, check my game and write what you think or just rate it. Mostly focus on difficulity and overall feeling of gameplay. Visuals is not important, but if you have some thoughts, feel free to write about them. Game is in open beta.
btw. I you bother to write feedback, please tell do you see banner ads on the bottom of screen, this was my first test of Unity Ads banner and it's not working on my device, but I guess it's depend on localization.

Yes, had the same feelings... I took time, play and rate some games... But then I realized that many people can just rate every single game on 1 star and this will give them bust on karma, which is a factor to final rating. It's stupid system. This was my first jam and I was sure that final decision will be on judges side, and our ratings is just to pick those +/-100 best games... I'm disapointed overall.

Check the game made by me- solo.

All jam idea is an oportunity to get big feedback data and alpha testers for free so I sure I will update a lot in Claw. It's basically a skeleton for a actual game it could be in a future. Will take care of that when I finish small mobile project I'm currently making.

lol... First- you don't need more ratings. You've got 41 and need only 20. Second- didnt even start to read what this topic is about... Eeeeh...

yes, surprisingly good :)

Co Ty gadasz ? ;)

human nature... ;)

Rate for bait, stream your game on my 0 followers Twitch bla bla bla... Handjob for review. 

Marketing is one of my weakest indie game dev skill :P

This community page is super boring... Everyone just spamming links and beg for rates and revieves...

Let's do something else! Post here a link to a submission but it's can't be yours. Post here best game you played and rated so far. 

If you add to the post how many games have you rated it will be even more fun. 

I didnt had much time because of a new project I began to develop so I rated only 25 games and for me the best was Candour. Great arts, harsh atmosphere and simple but deep story.

I mean who kill :P

Yes, I found. :)

This music is awesome... and characters looks like they dancing to the rhytm. 

5 stars on Audio for sure

Rated. Very good game but dialogs and corridors are too long ;)

Very nice game... didn't finish it - too hard for me ;)

It was true fun to collect this coins... and I find out i have a hand to collect when I had 5 banks... I just did it manualy and it was fun... am I wierd?

great visuals.

Theme delivered :)

hey... who did it?

nice design, but getting to 100 was quite boring ;)

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thanks... My mistake was assuming that it will be easy to implement and leaving it to the end... and it wasn't... I was too focus on small things like UI and effects ... 

And ofcourse I will test your game later.

yes, mobile is a good aprouch to this mechanics... Can I use too? I'm currently looking for something simple to create - just publish a long project and looking for sth I can create in one month. (I know I can... I'm just pretending a nice guy ;) )

Finally a real game... with menu, options and all... really good.

Thanks.  Downloading yours right now :)

Thanks for rating... I would really like to rate yours too but can't unpack it... what are you guys using for packing a game? It's 5th game I can't play because of wrong format or corrupted file msg. 

Really nice. Fast-pace simple game.

hmm... so basically... rating everyone 1 star will higher your chance of winning... this is stupid...

Concept of this test minigame is quite good... you could add some levels, I would play it.

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wooo... I really want to read your opinion

and I'm playing your game right now :) 

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oooh... and I rated yours... I should stop spamming... ;)

You don't need more rates... Someone points out that you need 20 rates to be ranked... I don't know is that true but this guy had exp with game jams. 

But on the other hand... My game needs ratings ... Still under 20... ;)

Rate and comment and I will do the same.

Rate and comment and I will return with the same

It's my fault... Its not that obvious as I was thinking... That's why beta test are good but I didnt had enough time for that.

destroy chest with left hand ;)

This was my first jam and I have to say it was real fun. My game turn out bit buggy but it's a game... You can loose, you can win, I managed to create specific atmosphere and I think this is enough achievement for a week of work... I guess I shouldn't choose open world'ish 3D game as my goal... ;)

Check out mine

Don't forget to rate ;)

Check out my game, it's hard and a little bit buggy but playable and ... Yes... It's possible to finish the game.