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there's going to be 15 Packs for this collection when it release's!! here's my tweet!! i will also include this text in The Game!!

And can u make a -FREE- Tree Pack so i dont use other Tree Pack from other creators Thx!

Thx -David- for letting me use this!!

the assets are SO GOOD!!

and some of them are from other creators sorry, but i wont say who, bc i dont want u thinkin im advertisin other creators, but still sorry...

I made this with all of your -FREE- packs!! 

This is actually a BIG sneakPeak to AMAZING Sheep!! its a Game!! XD is the link to the {FULL} Game Website, NOTE: its not out yet!

there's also a light bolb, idk how you spell it xD But it does something.... BUT WHAT DOES IT DO?!

items will be added in BETA2!! there's a plunger.. i dont know why. but you can plunge a toilet... xD

here's the Lick MASTERS link the Mini BattleRoyale of 2021, with over 5 map's on LAUNCH!! and over 2 GameMode's!! your Not gonna be bored with this one!! NOTE: the game is comming in 2021 it's not in BETA neither PreAlpha you can ONLY get the full game when it's out in 2021, the Demo will be a early look at Lick MASTERS you can ONLY get the Demo if your in my Discord Server!! so get into that discord server, 

I-M B-A-C-K for my GREATEST game yet!

[OFFICIAL] BigoPlanetStudios

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im also making a sort of NEW Battle royale Game that is focused on licking the other's licky's, and if you have licked all of the opponents licky's then you win!! this is a LOCAL multiplayer game not a Online game, you start with 10 licky's, you can lick more licky's when your in Battle, AND there's a Daily Shop, AND of course a Level up system!! its Free, keep in mind you cannot get this and the Project could be Cancelled, this Game is a Funny Top Down Battle Royale,

btw i dont want people to swear in the comments

the problem with AMAZING sim is that i didnt know how to make the secrets sorry... ):

i think im gonna make Another game to be the ACTUAL game that is this game, BUT this game will NEVER be continued, i am working on another game as i said, i think you guys will like that game MORE!!

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Next update is focused on the Desert!

btw there's gonna be Events

Events are 

Halloween = SpoopyLicks Event

christmas = Xmas licks Event

New Year = New licky's year Event

Every Month = a Random Event

ok so i've been thinking of the NEW Update, it will be called the BETA0.5

it has a NEW map, improved physics, More secrets [example] NEW weapons, NEW item's, AANNDD a NEW character editor BETA, 

[OFFICIAL] BigoPlanetStudios

I've desided that i will be moving to FREE games again, i dont like the idea of stealing people's money, so enjoy every FREE game you want!!

there's a NEW version2 of this game comming!! i will make the game free again!!


sorry but the game is gonna be Payed BUT you can have the AMAZING simulator and Just a sim sim Bundle that is 1.5 euro's instead of 2

sorry the next update has no item's YET only some fixes AANNDD expanded land,

[OFFICIAL] BigoPlanetStudios

AND im gonna continue this game ti'll the full game!!

there's a NEW DEMO now!!

and sorry the full game is 1 euro, BUT its a ONE time purchase!!

i've desided to MAYBE make the game 50 cents in the BETA

umm try the new version and press i and then click on low graphics

is it an laptop or a pc

or do you have a laptop if yes... pls dont play this game on a laptop bc its VERY hard for a laptop thats just windows 10 to run this game sorry, you will need a better PC/Laptop

BUT there's hope with the next update!!

i see you do not have that good of a PC bc the fps is like 10, so i will make an option for lower quality!!

Thx again for making one of the first gameplay vid's!! really thanks!

thanks Froppy for voice acting the tutorial!!

press P to go into the multiplayer mode!!



umm do you mean that i should make a dark game??

if not then this game is not a dark game its more for kids AND adults

BUT still its not dark

sorry if you want a horror spoopy game but if you want that... you will need to wait 2 years bc i cant make games that fast!

and yes Just A sim sim is STILL in progress BUT i need just a bit more time to make a PreAlpha for this game and then Just A sim sim and then this game,

thx for making another vid i hope you liked it!! 

btw next time press Q to sprint

so i guess i can use it BUT i cant modify it and re release it, ok ok thats fine 

i just need it for my game


can i use this for my games?

PreAlpha0.2 is comming soon!! this PreAlpha is only for the people who made a vid

once upon a time PIRATES invaded, #PIRATES

vote here for some NEW stuff

here you can leave your review on the game