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To the guy that programmed the game. You mentioned that you calculated your own gravity. Did you do that by applying a LERP towards the center or by using Rigidbody.addforce()? I really liked this effect and was hoping to replicate in my own projects somehow.  I was the dude that was talking to Matt Woelke about pokemon lmao. 

The vibe of the game was really peaceful haha. The way you did the sun was really breathtaking. Probably my favourite moment was when you walked towards the horizon and it started to peek over. 

Try mine! It's an Arcade Style Shooter with a twist! Check out the How To Play section in the game!

Please make a meme about mine! Thanks!

This is a good thread. For myself I'd probably say:

Design - 4/5:
I initially thought my design was really good, but after reading some of the feedback that people gave me, I really started to see where I could improve

Adherence to Theme - 5/5
I really wanted to make sure that all the mechanics really stuck to the theme so only having one usage of everything was crucial. They ended up all meshing together really well as well, so I'm quite proud of it

Originality - 2/5
It's not the most original idea in the world, considering that it's basically Geometry Wars with a twist, but I wanted to use a game that I knew so that there would be less for me to come up with while in the designing process

Here it is for you to try:

Here's mine! It's an arcade style shooter, but if you kill more than one enemy in one shot or miss then you lose! Good luck!

Easily one of the best games I've played so far! I'm also a sucker for these kinds of games so I got quite a few kicks out of it!

The game feels great and looks great too! Can't ask for a better combo!

My only issue would be that the hatches block your movement and are really hard to see sometimes. If it was a box there then sure, but these hatches that come up to your ankle completely stops you dead. 

Feel free to try mine out as well and leave your own 2 cents! It certainly not as clean as your's though!

Really cool and similar to a different game a played on this jam better executed better. The difficulty certainly scaled up, which was a welcome surprise!

I'd greatly appreciate it if you tried my game as well!

Played your game and left a rating and a comment! Here's mine!

It's an arcade style shooter where if you miss or hit more than 1 enemy in a single shot then you lose!

Having one weapon and only one enemy is a great idea and I liked how you used the TF2 heavy lol.

I just hit 20 ratings at the time of this post and I'm still hungry for more feedback! Could you take a look at mine?

It's an arcade style shooter where if you get more than 1 kill in a single shot or miss then you lose!

I just finished and checked out your game! I left my honest opinion there so go and take a look see!

I'm glad you liked my idea! There is music actually, but I turned the volume down in the final build because I just a made a quick 1 min track in FL studio that loops and was afraid people might find it too repetitive. I'll admit that it's too quiet now and I'll definitely turn it up when I continue the game!

Thanks for playing!

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An interesting idea! Could use some clean up of course, but so can every game in this jam am I right? lol

Being able to solve levels differently each time was a bold move, but it provides some good replayability, However, it's not the most difficult or puzzling puzzle game I've played in this jam. 

It was still fun while it lasted and I certainly had a good time with it!

Awesome! Here's mine! It's an arcade style shooter where if you kill more than 1 enemy in 1 shot or miss then you lose!

I'm sitting at 19 at the time of this post! I'd love to get more ratings out there! It's an arcade style shooter where if you hit more than 1 enemy or if you miss, you lose! Good luck!

I'd love for you to try mine! It's an arcade style shooter with a giant death laser, but if you miss or kill more than one enemy at a time then you lose! Good luck!

You and me both, my friend

Try mine once you get the chance! It's an arcade shooter with a giant death beam, but you have to only get one kill per shot! Get more than 1 or zero and it's game over!

Fantastic! Really smooth transitions between being able to freeze and unfreeze time in the ability menu. The feels like it was made by someone with a lot of experience in making games with the way everything flowed together. 

I'm gonna recommend this to a friend of mine that really likes slimes lol

Great job!

BigFraudBigFraud here coming from One Shot, One Kill

Really cool game! I thought it was super original. The music choice was spot on! I completed every level

I really liked different cards moved in different ways. The later levels really took me for ride. You could easily add all kinds of cool and interesting cards and make some pretty crazy levels. 

I really liked being able to flip cards and become them, but sometimes it kinda felt like cheating because I could just flip to a safe card in a pinch and keep doing that until there was an opening I could exploit.

Other than that it was a cool game! Well done!

BigFraudBigFraud here, coming from One Shot, One Kill.

This was really cool! Took me 2 tries to beat the boss and it was quite satisfying. The music choice and sound effects were great! I kinda wish the movement speed was a little faster, but that's just a personal preference. The game is quite fair and doesn't feel like BS. I especially liked how it got more difficult as the boss' health got lower

One little thing I noticed is that if you shoot too fast after shielding your shield will block your own shot. I'm not really a stickler, but each one of those were shots I coulda had on the boss lol. You could set your shots to ignore certain tags so that they don't collide with the shields collider or disable the collider faster if you used Mecanim. That's just my two cents though!

Great game!

Thanks! It took me about 4 hours to come up with the idea itself as well as the mechanics that compliment it! I really wanted it to be a good twist on the popular "One Shot, One Kill" saying lol.

Solo dev here! It's my first jam too! I'd love it if you gave my game a shot!

Jordan Han did a great job with his fanart of mine and I'd love to see your take on it as well! Thanks in advance!

Here it is:

Please tell me how bad my art is lmao! I'm not an artist and coming up with art assets is absolutely my weakest skillset haha! I'd vvery much appreciate any feedback you have for me though!

I'd love for you to give mine a shot!

Looks like you and I had a very similar idea! Here's mine! Your's looks way more polished than mine though haha

I'm glad you found it to be satisfying! I had a lot of inner debate going on on whether or not I thought the game was too difficult, but it seems that the feedback on that has been positive! 

Admittedly, your's is the first suggestion regarding the play area and I was debating on whether or not it was too small so adjusting the verticality is something to consider. 

As of now, enemies don't have bullets because it's way easier to program enemies that just follow you, but I'm planning on continuing the project so I have few suggestions that other people have made in mind so look forward to that!

Is it possible that you died because you missed? If you kill more than one enemy or zero enemies in a single shot then you also die haha. I thought that was the most interesting way to adhere to the theme. 


I can't play your game at work because I'm not supposed to download things on my work computer, but I'll certainly check it out when I get home!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you took the time to make it to 16 kills! I know that the game isn't exactly easy haha. 

There's been a lot of great feedback so far and I'm planning to continue the project once the jam is over so please keep your eyes open for that!

I just tried your game and left my honest review on it! 

Thanks for playing game as well! After reading lots of the feedback people have been giving me, it's been inspiring me to continue this project even further!

I've got lots of great ideas to make the game even better so be on the lookout for that!

The puzzles are wonderfully designed! It's been a while since a game actually made me think! It reminds me a lot of those really old school Zelda games from way back in the day! Great job!

However, I think that only holding one key of a colour at a time doesn't really add anything to the game and actually creates some moments where you have to needlessly backtrack, like in the 2nd last puzzle. 

With the nature of how the puzzles are currently designed being only able to hold one is more of an hindrance rather than an interesting design decision because it's not really necessary. If you were only ever able to hold one key of any colour at a time then it would correspond better with the theme. 

That being said, I don't think it's a bad game. I think the puzzles are great and fantastically designed, but the theme wasn't integrated that well. 

As someone who isn't very good at coming up with puzzles as you saw in my game (, I have mad respect for the puzzles you have here because I wouldn't have been able to come up with anything like that myself!

Great job!

Thanks for playing! Admittedly, I'm not the greatest artist so I just found it off of Open Game Art lol.

I'm glad to hear that you stuck to it even after a few deaths! It's not an easy game by any means!

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you like it! After reading some people's feedback, I can definitely see where I can improve on it so look forward to that once the jam is over!

I'll check out your game when I have the chance! I've been at work a lot recently, but rest assured that I"ll leave you a rating when I can!

Thanks very much for leaving a comment on my page! I really wanted to put a good twist on the "One Shot, One Kill" cliche and it ended up becoming this!

Thanks! I spent like 4 hours just coming up with it haha!

Here's mine! I wonder what your highscore will be?

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The laser was actually supposed to match the width of your cross hair, but it seems like they didn't scale properly after building the game. 

Good catch though! Will definitely be a fix when I work on the game after the jam is over! Thanks for giving my game a shot!

The giant death ray actually works against you sometimes! I tried to modify the enemy behavior so that they randomly wander off a certain intervals in order to make things more interesting and fair. 

Thanks for giving my game a shot!

Perfect! This is exactly what I asked for!

I'm glad you liked it! I honestly think I will continue with this project. I've gotten some good feedback from a few people and have some really good ideas on how to improve the game. 

I'd greatly appreciate it if you added it to your collections and kept up with it!