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didnt expect that doing literally nothing would result in a different ending

why are there so many bugs in the final boss fight.

new high score again 345

well now its 321.

This chad got 222 (me).

If a coin spawns on you it doesn't add to the counter.

There's no wall collisions so I kind of lost where I went.

unzip the .zip file and then you can play it. (google how to do it if you still dont know)

Wow, what a coincidence that in a game called Right Click to Necromance that right click would be used to necromance!

high score 123

I WILL find bugs in this game. I don't care how long it takes.

i dont even remember how i got up on there.

i found a way on to the bench and got on the fence and escaped lol.

fixed it.

also did tons of drugs, stripped, urinated everywhere, looked at the nurse in a strange way, hit an old woman, broke a fish tank, and watched strange movies.

great game :)

i broke it lol

129 slaps lol

i figured out the strategy and won epicly B)

i had one second left and died :(

me: i just want to play a little game

bombs: NO

no problem. it was fun.

epic game definatly nothging wrong with it

spoopy game

(third game played)

i am very not trusting

(first game played)

i almost broke the game lol 

how could you have gotten it so correct?

i should have read the controls before playing lol 

epic game did video on this

I played it again 

its the last one 

its the second one 

its the first one

this game is one of the weirdest games i have played. good job. 

heheh memes

great game a rage quit after 8 minutes here video proof 

as  yub would say, "didnt jump. not scary."

also made a youtube video

it has no sound bcs my recorder doesnt record sound lmao

"just had a dream about you"

"tbh same"

*grabs face and smooch*