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Cool game buuuut...

The minigames are broken.

There's no options. At all.

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That sounds great! :)) of course, do it only if you feel like it. As always don't overwork or pressure yourself.

Also, if you don't mind, please release the chase music. it's pretty baller.


Babe wake up, Kypello just made a new game

(the animatronics move at light speed! on easy difficulty!)

Nose unboopable.

Game unplayable.

Jk cool game

nose no honk. unplayable

can you make an option to turn off the overlay effect?

literally the second thing i did was delete my account lol

Can you make a .zip version?

the end theme slaps omg

I know it's been years, but this game rocks. I love it. The soundtrack is nice, the graphics look cool, it feels good to control, the tapes are honestly kinda intriguing and F U T U R E P I Z Z A

A whimsical visual novel game, where the player character is procedurally generated using Twitter search results.

The main theme is 'using a thief to hit ostriches'.

this is the best one

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Very fun! I never ought to think of it, but there should be more Papers Please inspired package checking games. I liked it a lot!

~36 correct

4 incorrect

Also i just got an idea for a suggestion:

Maybe make a (at least semi-serious) horror game? It would be fun and interesting to see what you come up with! No pressure, ofc :)

can't wait for chapter 2

Agreed, ending is anti-climactic, but the rest is good

POV: Your kid is The Baby In Yellow


650 gg

Glory to Arsto-!


I mean...

Glory to The Afterlife?

please make it windows compatible

good game simulation, i like the idea and execution

Great game!

yeah, interesting game

i love how you used the MC ghast sounds for the jumpscare


this proves i should not be in charge of any maintenance

is good!

the only thing i can think of is




it's a typewriter, it's good



Yeah, it's the half life beta. I don't have much to say. Anyone want to play multiplayer with me?

What's the code???????


very very original! i definitely recommend.

oooh... Clever! and yes, it was an amazing game :)

I think it's a glitch, but the guys blocking off the entrance to mr krabs never dissapear. Maybe there's something wrong with my game, but otherwise i loved it. Great game.

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Alright, just hear me out. You've made a plushie, so the next logical step (or at least one of them) is to put your game on steam. Because let me tell ya, this is an amazing experience, and i think putting it on steam may make it more comfortable (for some people) to download the game, and Itch/Google might not have its download problems.

good game but please turn down the sensitivity

hehe funny lead launcher game hehe


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i can tell you how to win if you want

ending is really cool

i do think you should try on your own, bc its really cool and interesting. You know, seeing all the rooms and stuff...

i know how to tho :D

WAREHOUSE community · Created a new topic Fullscreen?

I like the game, but i would like there to be fullscreen. I can't download this because i have like 5gb on my pc, so it would be nice if fullscreen could be added. Thanks!