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You should Consider open sourcing this so others can learn from it.  Or you know, do a kickstarter and finish it.

I'll Say all of the above, The Theme is Open to interpretation.

Share helpful links, get help from other contests, find teams, Lounge around! All Developers are welcome here even if your not participating in the jam.

Negativity about projects or the Jam in general, excessive cussing, racism, etc. Will result in an instant and permanent ban from the Discord Server.  There is enough Negativity surrounding making mmo's which this game jam is here to help remove that negativity.  take it elsewhere.

your right I failed you senpai. 

I'll make an official discord and post an invite as a sticky within the hour

If this is your Very First dip in the water with netcode etc, Id highly reccomend starting at one of these two tutorials: