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Only suggestion that I like to add, here is I hope that pregnancy is eventually added to the game and that the game adds in some type of "Days" mechanic.

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So, the game play is very interesting, but I can't even complete the first rescue mission, unless there is something I'm missing.. I would tone down the spawn of enemies in the forest.

Some suggestions:

- When a player dies, have their "hero progress" and skill levels be saved, this way they don't have to start over everytime.  - This could be done by having each of the weapons have a "skill" level with the current ability tied to that "skill" level, so that the player doesn't "lose" all their "skill" level, but rather half, everytime they die.

- Have it be that the number of enemies is fixed to a certain number, and that the new enemies are in "waves" that the player is informed about. 

- One of the biggest problems is the difficulty spike when you're first doing it. I highly recommend giving the player a free upgrade before their first, so they don't instantly die on contact (if they chose the sword).

- The Hentai scenes are okay. Not terrible, but reasonably good for other artwork.

It seems like that is planned but not currently in the game.

Overall, the graphics are the best thing here, but that's really it.  Somethings that could improve this game:

- Being able to interact with her/him beyond sex. Talking, kissing, fondling, and other non-sexual interactions would feel better.

- Setting - Every time  it is the same house, same places. I feel like it be more interesting to have a smaller selection of positions at the start, for example more traditional places for a hook-up and as you drive up her/his interest. It would also be interesting if there was some passage of time. 

- Conflict - While the game doesn't need some conflict. I'd feel more interesting if there was some...race to get her/him to climax or orgasm before someone came home from either work of a chore. Getting caught would be an immedite end of game.

No problem. I've played you're first game, and found it to be acceptable; but this game blew me away. It really shows just how much you've grown and developed your skill. Wish I could donate, but alas this is the best I can do to support you, so support with awesome reviews is what I'll do! 

Not until they are finished with the game on steam, then they will release the game here as well.

Finished this today: 

Music: A+ ; The music is really on point and when taking a deeper listen to some of them, the lyrics to them also really match the emotion of the scene. The music really heightens the game and makes every scene, where it is present, close to a masterpiece

Story: A- ; While it is still a work in progress, the story is really good. I initially sidelined Annie, but after starting a new game and focusing on her, she's now (along with Nancy) my favorite character. Every type of theme is present in this story from horror to science fiction to fantasy. I love how the heist section is written and set up just like a heist movie and a makes the section feel great. Humor is injected into perfect sections, with Chang being an absolute comedian at times. Overall, I can't wait to see where the story goes. The only things I would be somewhat concerned about is that majority of romance events occur in Eternum, and I think it would be nice to see those events equate to relationship changes in the real world.

Mechanics: A ; Mechanics fit each section that they are in. For example in some fight scenes, there are timed reaction choices. While in some areas you have to put the "puzzle" together. Mechanics feel relevant to the section that they are in and help build up the game as immersive as possible.

Art: A- ; I've played Caribdis other game ,Once in a Lifetimei and this is leagues better than that game art-wise. The animated parts of the game are stunning and I'm genuinely surprised that they were not done by major gaming company. The amount of time, love, and thought that is put into each scene must be enormous, but it hugely pays off. The only issue that I have is that Caribdis once again falls into the pit trap of... exaggerating the size of the MCs dick and female character's breasts. It's not that bad, considering they genre that this game is in, but I feel like more...realistic sizes for these might be a unique breath of air.

Overall: A ; This game is another masterpiece by Caribdis. The music is spot on at times and the art shows how Caribdis has progress and improved from his previous game Once in a Lifetime. The art's only weakness is that it follows the genre's cliche of sizes of dicks and breasts, but that is larger issue, which fails to detract from the amazing animations and stills in this game. While this game is still in development (as of 2022/10/23), the story is great and allows the player to choose which, if any, characters they wish to romantically pursue. As a result, this allows this game to be replayed over and over, and get different outcomes over and over again. In conclusions, I highly recommend this game and high suggest that if you have the monatary ability, donate and support this game on patreon.

Having completely finished this game. I absolutely love this game and it has a reasonablly well written story; however there are some minor issues. 

Lin feels over developed - This something many games like this (visual novels) struggle with. They add so many characters, to the point that one or two characters feel over developed compared to other. Lin falls into that category. Lin's story is enormous and amazing, but compared to other characters, it feels like her story has been prioritized (which makes sense from a story perspective). Even just looking at the max relationship level at the end of the, current, game shows that characters like Autumn and all of the side characters could use some love and development; while Lin and Ashley seem to be the most developed. I would highly recommend delaying any development on Lin's and Ashley's story until many of the other major characters are brought up to reasonable level story-wise with them. 

Player-choice - I may have mentioned this earlier in my earlier review, but the game lacks player-choice. The player at times doesn't really have a choice to bend the story one way or another, and this makes sense from a development view. Having multiple branches means exponential work, which may be unnecessary stress for an indie developer; the net benefits are great. Beyond replayablity, giving the player some level of agency in the game makes the player feel a bit more in control of what happens beyond making a girl happy or angry at your response. 

I understand that, I was interested in knowing (since I already have Volume 1) if you have an idea when the issue with Volume 2 and will be fixed? 

Any idea when Volume 2 will come to 

Somewhat linear. Although there are some choices you can make. It more like a you choose your path.

Wow! Didn't expect you to respond! 

Hotel Upgrades - Perhaps a third floor for actual guests that way the player can actually have a "hotel" to run. Nothing really visual, but perhaps more an additional floor to house more guests, and there could be maybe a mini game of having Lin, Sylvia, or Android trying to deliver food to them on time or perhaps something else related to hotels (perhaps getting them a room within a set amount of time)

More staff - Perhaps have the player look into hiring an additional cook to cook food for the bar (The player would have the choice to have Lin cook the food or hire a cook for the bar (Having Lin cook would be a double-edged sword as if the patron doesn't like her cooking, it might hurt the hotel's reviews, but on the other hand a cook requires a salary and can be expensive for the almost gaurenteed high quality food)

As for the rest, I get the story is pretty linear, but sometimes the character interactions feel weird (Autumn in particular feels awkward considering her attitudes towards elves). I feel like it be interesting to have the player (on a linear path) have to balance the various personalities of the characters.

Thanks for the feedback! I've never had a dev respond to my input! 

Sorry this is a bit long; but I'd love to put my thoughts into one post.

This is a pretty good game. Somethings I'd love to see added:

- Ripple Decisions: The decisions the players should have a stronger role as they go later, as a result the game should form a "funnel" of the girls into the late game. While the player wouldn't lose any of the hotel girls, they will seriously weaken their connects. 

- Pregnancy. (I'd like to note that I haven't finished the game, yet. So it may actually be in the game.)There is no biological way, with all the information provided via the game that most girls aren't pregnant. I'd love to see this become a thing towards the late game, and could be used to add a financial burden to player later into the game.

- More ways to earn income - Most of the time you can recoup and save up to buy stuff pretty easy, but I'd love to see more ways to earn income. Some ideas include:

      - More upgrades to the hotel (More rooms for actual guests, more amenities, etc.)

     - Hiring more staff and training for preexisting staff

- More story/romance options - For this I'd love to see Ellen, Kate, and Hana to receive more events and possibly become romance targets.

 - Marriage (END-GAME) - Obviously all the harem targets all ask the player if he'd marry them, and this should start to become a source (if the only) of tension between the girls and as the player moves towards the late and end game, they should be guided towards marriage to the girl of their choice. I've made a brief list of which marriage paths would anger the girls the most:

   - Lin: Autmn, Ashley, Michelle, Ellen

   - Kali: Ashley, Maria, Felicity, Emma

   - Ashley: Lin

   - Maria: Autmn, Ashley

   - Michelle: Everyone but Kali

   - Felicity: Emma, Ashley

   - Emma: Felicity, Ashley

  - Autumn: Everyone

As you can see almost everyone of the girls would strongly disapprove of the MC marrying either Michelle or Autumn. It should be noted that for it to be worth it, there may need to be serious benefits for marrying either of these girls.                                  

  - More political drama (and ways to influence it!) - Obviously the MC is housing a Elvish resistance squad. Perhaps the MC could start to use them to get even with the government and start to stoke tensions, which would affect relations with Autumn (who wouldn't take to kindly to the MC harboring a group trying to kill her Dad (Let's just say that this may be a deal breaker for her))

That's all I can think of. As I play more of the game, some more stuff might come me, but as I reflect now; the game just needs more story content and a bit more fetishes added into the game. 

Sometime late this month or the next month.

Yes, if you are not romancing her yourself. Otherwise you should be fine if you handle it correctly.

No they are not.

OK. I've checked. It seems your missing some scenes with Maria, make sure you go a bit toward dominance/exploitation on her path to get the scene. One scene is a shower scene is another is at her apartment.

I suspect they may be the bonus renders if you didn't buy the game.

I had some ideas for a two twists:

1) Laura isn't actually barren. Its just that she has extreme difficulty conceiving, meaning that she and the MC have indeed been risking pregnancy. Eventually the antagonists end up threatening to hurt her and the unborn baby (if you've chosen to romance her)

2) "The Family" isn't actually the enemy, but rather is trying to protect the MC from when the board is going to fire him, for not being a Hoover. They would be anti-heros. The player would have a choice to oppose them or to try to play along.

I mean it's strongly implied that she is the MC's daughter, so I think this is already the the story intention.

Update is on their patreon:

Agreed. There should be an option to, for a major boost in opinion, rat her out to Elizabeth. Elizabeth will then ask you how you'd like to be repaid. She'll offer you three options:

 - Take some of debt away

- Temporary Tax Exemption

- A Date and a Kiss

I mean it should be the player's choice. There might be some players who are into that, and some who aren't. Personally, I didn't like that I was forced to go along with it, but if you were into that thing I could see how you might like that. I think your choice should be a "major" game choice, where if you choose to break-up with Rika over it will affect your relationships with Katelyn and Cecelia. It currently feels like all of the decisions are forced and non-consequential.

Checking out the Game's Lead Patreon shows that he's changing focus pack his other project "Amity Park" my guess is once they release an update for that one, they'll be back to Breeding Farm.

These are the two most important links for following the development of this game.

I would agree a bit. Some of the sex scenes seem forced, perhaps if built them up better. So for the one you mentioned it would feel more natural if Valentina asked you stay and comfort her. It would start as a wholesome cuddle, but then Valentina would make her move, and bam! sex scene.

I would like to propose that the romance-able women be sorted into two categories those on birth control and those not. The player's character should make references that he ditched "the pigskin" after he got married for the first time, and hasn't used it in while. While the women are in two groups those on contraceptive (with a tiny detail of a closed bowl) and those not on contraceptive. Considering this set during the Early Medieval Age, the women would be using herbs to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and while we don't specifics, we do know the Silphium was used by the Ancient Romans and Greeks (In particular, it seems that the games setting is a pseudo-Roman culture). So I would propose that the women using Silphium are struggling from a side-affect (made up!) of vaginal pain during intercourse and would as a result are less willing to have intercourse, but will still have sex. While those on it, would have various reasons, which could serve as minor world and character building (Aelina, eldest princess, wouldn't be on it as she was intially prepping to marry a foreign king was prepping to do "do my royal duty for my husband",  Valentina would be on it as she apparently old enough to start it (This would drastically increases her odds of getting pregnant. Not only is she not protected from unwanted pregnancy, she's lustfully attracted to the player and going to be bold and rash in the bedroom. (Let's just say things with her could go down hill fast polticially, if she does end up pregnant. The player wouldn't be safe either))), and finally the player's character former lover (She's new in Ch. 6). Overall those the women taking Silphium are: The Queen, Cassia, Eliana (although depending on how the relationship with her and Flavia pans out she and her assistant may go off of it), Flavia, Juliana, Diana, Dinah (provided to her by her employer), and Kaylan (although should the player choose to wed her she will stop taking it); those not taking Silphium are: Aelinia (got off of it prior to her rejection of Byrennus), Valentina (too "young" to begin the treatment), Lydia (she believes she has no reason to take it), Flora (too poor to buy it), Rashida (also too poor to buy it), Isabella (she wants the General, and wants him back; how better to force his hand than by getting pregnant by him?), Goddess Anna (She's a goddess, she notes she can avoid pregnancy at will), and Princess Estrid (she's prepping for her "royal duty to Prince Marius") (Sorry that was long. If @IT Roy reads this, you can DM me about clarification about anything.)

Agree with the random meetings. Would love an additional line, if he has time to go back through the earlier chapters and add some more lines to improve the story. Some ideas that I had:

 - The player chooses to marry Kaylan, they should be able to tell the King. The King would keep this in mind when Astrid comes to court and Marius refuses marriage

- The younger princesses should be bolder when it comes to sex. They are inexperienced and may not know that they could accidentally get pregnant. 

- Speaking of pregnancy, considering the time period; some of the women should be on contraceptive and some shouldn't. While the general shouldn't have a condom because as he would explain "I ditched it when I got married as we both wanted a family."

- Too many characters were introduced in short span in Ch. 6. Slowly introduce characters, and begin to flesh them out before introducing new ones. If this means taking more breaks, then I think we would value your sanity over a new release

- Introduce Marius earlier. Marius seems core to the plot so us meeting him earlier would be better for the plot.

Oh that's easy, just go to the church during the day and ask her for it.

Same. I think it may be bugged, or may the trigger may be difficult to actually get. My guess is once you get your license, you have to go home and find Katelyn.

Nope. Although, I wish the charming/seducing her would reduce the amount due at the end of the month, for a "fee"

Just FYI to everyone here. v0.4.0 just released to patreon donors so, expect a release of it soon-ish.

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Very Nice Game. This game has to be one of the most completed and developed games I have found on The story (as of 10.8.2021) is well fleshed out and it feel nice to play the game. There is a nice blend between the erotic and the romantic. Somethings that I feel like should be added:

An option to once you reach a certain point w/ one of romance-able characters that you could either accidentally get them pregnant considering the tech wouldn't know about how biology works deep down (Especially on Valentina, considering that she probably wouldn't know that not pulling out could result in pregnancy). There should be an option to cum inside the girl, but it weakens your relationship and she may accidentally get pregnant. (If the girl is a princess, she'll flee into hiding out of shame.

 A bit more interactive dialogue (More choices on how to respond and talk with characters)

It's noticeable that the Dev burned out during Ch. 6 considering the sheer number of new characters. I would recommend once your done, perhaps go back through it (after a long, long break) and touch it up and space out the newer characters. The entire royal family should be introduced within the first two chapters, considering their importance; while the romance-targets should all be present by mid-game. Lesser characters should be slotted in intervals.

Add a sex scene for Lydia  (If it's not already in the works).

I would make Flora a secondary romanaceable character (Considering how the player guides their relationship, it can be platonic, romantic, or 'with benefits')

Edit - Revamped review. This game is amazing.

Edit 2: Finished Ch. 6. Grammar. Added three suggestions. Cannot emphasize how amazing this game is. Best of luck this year IT Roy.

I'd disagree. The development has been slow because apparently the lead developer has a side project (bad idea) that he is also working on. However, just checking their patreon, shows that they are making snail-speed progress. I have a feeling that they may have set the bar a bit too high with this update, and should absolutely break it up into two chunks.

No not yet. I doubt we'll get a release here this month.

I don't know when they're going to update. My guess is going to be sometime late this month either Patreon release, then a couple days later us. They've been enormously slow this update, because of the sheer size of it. My guess is that they probably wrapped too much into this update, and now its going to take them a while to process it. If you want update, I suggest checking out their patreon page: for update.

Game is still in active development. However, to get acess to their discord, you have to be patreon. Also the lead programmer also has a second indie game s/he's working on, so he may be overstreching him/herself. My guess is an update sometime this month, considering they had to delay last month's release.

There isn't an official area, but if you post them here; they'll see it.

Gotta help her with the cabbages to start the story line. Once you do it five times, it'll start. To progress it further, you've got to help her more and more.

There is no error here. There is currently nothing to do in your room, but click on the bed to sleep.