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What a game! It's weird and delightful and erratic and did I say weird? Unique platformer with mechanics you'll never see anywhere else, and with some of the best monster designs I've seen. 

One of the best games about trans life around. Truly unique in approach and unforgettable after a single playthrough. 

Any game that makes me laugh and cry this much has to be perfect! Some of the best writing in a game I've seen in a long time with a story and characters that never let you forget them. 

Easily one of the cutest visual novels around. It's adorably awkward, beautifully drawn, and has charm down to its roots. It also has a super cute dragon! 

This game wrecked me (pun intended) on so many levels. Everything from the design to the characters to the insight you feel about yourself by the end come together to make a game you want to play again and again. 

Gosh, how to sum up my love for this game. 

An adorable nostalgic experience in a world of nerd culture and trans feels. As soon as I booted it up I fell in love. 

One of the sweetest games I've ever played. I fell in love with the characters, the plot is adorable, and it's just an overall beautiful experience <3 

Got to play this at GX Australia (interview & experience HERE) . The game was great then and it's only improved from there. Get it, play it, buy a copy for your friends. 5/5

You will need a reasonable keyboard to play as unresponsive keyboards will limit the number of mistakes you can make.