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Looks like the team here came up with the best compromise. Just make LGBTQIA, LGBT and Queer their own featured tags. :) now everyone can tag in a way that feels right for them without worrying about confusion or being left out. 

In the end this is all I really wanted. I. Just didn't know how their systems worked

Have you read the previous responses to this? Many folks don't feel included in LGBT. To not include them is harmful to the community as a whole.

There's nothing stopping folks from using LGBT as a tag, just like all tags they are up to the gamedevs to decide, this point was to make LGBTQIA and Queer tags visible to the community as a whole, as they don't even show up in partial searches.

It's impossible to include EVERY gender and sexuality in the specutrums in one acronym, but the closest we have right now is LGBTQIA because it at least attempts to cover as many as possible even under very broad definitions. This isn't counter-productive, there's nothing stopping LGBT from also being visible, especially for games that don't feature anything outside of that, but please don't make an assumption for the community as a whole without listening to their voices. And so far the voices have been in favour of this updating tags to make them visible.

Thank you thank you thank you <3<3<3

All games are better if you get access to a crowbar.

Super glad you enjoyed it! <3 <3

At this point I'd argue that LGBTQIA (or any variation thereof) is practically a genre in itself now. The number of different games and stories we have coming through from the community on an almost daily basis in different forms speaks to that.

Maybe we need to have these games as their own genre now???

Anyway, I've made a push to have folks tag their games with LGBTQIA and/or queer to help boost visibility. Does anyone know how many games need to be tagged with something before it will show up in the search bar?

<3 <3 <3

Sleep well :)

<3 <3 <3
What's more "living space" than living in space!

Thanks for the positivity :)

Taking the theme literally seemed like the right direction, it provided a limitation that felt right for my writing style. I can't wait for next year's jam!

Thanks. I thought that that cut to deadpan is exactly how you'd be after a few months of making the same jokes to yourself over and over again. Good thing Chuck the plant never gets bored of the jokes or you'd have no-one to tell them to. :)

<3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks <3 <3 <3 <3

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SUCCESS! Thanks for the Itch team for featuring both the LGBTQIA tag and the Queer tag. LGBT is still of course available, but this means that folks who tag their game in a way that feels right for them is now an option. 

Thanks to everyone for their support and discussions on this. <3 


It's fantastic that Itch remains a beacon of hope for those in the LGBTQIA+ community making & playing games, however the LGBT tag doesn't cover everyone it needs to so that folks are included.

Having the LGBT tag updated to LGBTQIA+ would mean that folks who are part of the asexual/aromantic, intersex and queer parts of the gender/sexuality would be included. There are already many game jams that include these folks, but still no inclusive tag to bring them into the rest of the community.

Please consider updating the tag to be more representative of the community as a whole. Thanks

Additional: Removal of the LGBT tag as a whole is not the end goal here, it is to make the LGBTQIA (and Queer if possible) tags visible from basic searches so that they become a standard for tagging games made by the community.

(edit: the tagging system doesn't handle the +. It's still better to have LGBTQIA than the shorthand LGBT) 

Thanks, it felt like the right thing to make. <3 

I'm Kaiju (they/them) I blog, I stream, I get up on hills to fight for LGBTQIA+ advocacy and this is my first game jam and will probably be my first completed game (paws crossed). I'm currently working on a visual novel but that's gonna take a while to finish so this seems like a great way to boost my motivation <3 

What a game! It's weird and delightful and erratic and did I say weird? Unique platformer with mechanics you'll never see anywhere else, and with some of the best monster designs I've seen. 

One of the best games about trans life around. Truly unique in approach and unforgettable after a single playthrough. 

Any game that makes me laugh and cry this much has to be perfect! Some of the best writing in a game I've seen in a long time with a story and characters that never let you forget them. 

Easily one of the cutest visual novels around. It's adorably awkward, beautifully drawn, and has charm down to its roots. It also has a super cute dragon! 

This game wrecked me (pun intended) on so many levels. Everything from the design to the characters to the insight you feel about yourself by the end come together to make a game you want to play again and again. 

Gosh, how to sum up my love for this game. 

An adorable nostalgic experience in a world of nerd culture and trans feels. As soon as I booted it up I fell in love. 

One of the sweetest games I've ever played. I fell in love with the characters, the plot is adorable, and it's just an overall beautiful experience <3 

Got to play this at GX Australia (interview & experience HERE) . The game was great then and it's only improved from there. Get it, play it, buy a copy for your friends. 5/5

You will need a reasonable keyboard to play as unresponsive keyboards will limit the number of mistakes you can make.