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I initially started off with microbiology since you wrote that you've mostly completed that, but after trying out the other subjects as well, i absolutely cannot wait for Philosophy! I'm actually going to go read Demian. It's interesting so far.

I'm anticipating the updates in the future~ Good luck!


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As someone who mostly spends time with people the same age as me, I sure didn't expect that. I didn't expect to like the game as a whole (or as much of a whole as it currently is), either, but I just love the overall effect the varying art styles have in my experience with the game. The art from the English and Microbiology routes feel surreal yet hyperrealistic somehow, surreal in that, even through my avatar, I can't be in the same world as Louis Pasteur, and hyperrealistic in that, since I'm 2D in the real world in the game, the dreams being in 3D feels similar to having a very vivid dream. I usually have a bias when it comes to art style and at first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish a game combining different styles from FOUR artists with the character sprites alone, but I think it actually worked.


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it just depends on who is involved. But like, normally things I know that're good at that are something funny klutzy, or like, argument wise when one just tries to look tough/glare and ends up puffing out their cheeks and they look ridiculous, but they're trying to look grumpy tough(like my 3 yo he does that and it can make something go from tantrum to me busting out laughing at him... similar happened but w/o the pout when I argued w/ my mom as a teen once, we were amping up mad and insulting each other ad then glaring and BAM all of a sudden burst out laughing at how ridiculous we were being). So if it's something like that maybe something similar, but more fitting for what the situation is? Or like, if not like that maybe something rustling in the bushes, freaking someone out and then it comes out and it's something cute and/or harmless? It just totally depends on the situation, but if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of... I'm around. Also if you want to read something that can go from intense to hilarious in a few seconds flat... read the comic/manga (though not Japanese I know the original novels were Taiwanese), 1/2 Prince. It's a mix of future and fantasy but it just gets great: