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This game actually surprised me, The art style is simply but actually really effective, and the music works well here. I think the best part of the game is its feedback. I've made a few games myself and the most important thing is having satisfying feedback, which your game has through its simple but effective particles and sound effects. The only things I would have changed would be  to make the players movement a little smoother, maybe add a small amount of acceleration and deceleration.

Just played the game and it's not bad at all. For some critiques I would highly recommend some background music. It doesn't have to be great, but anything to break the silence would be better than nothing. If you have the time in your next game I would even recommend putting sound effects on everything you can (buttons being pressed, gems collected, ect) they really make the game feel more alive and are overlooked my many people. Other than that, I see other people have already commented saying the controls were strange with the turret selection so I wont say much on that, but make sure you get people who don't work on your game to play test before releasing it to get feedback on controls.

Thanks for the feedback! I know the controls are a little strange, I should have put size on the mouse wheel and just had the level automatically go on instead of the check mark. The planet and void are actually clickable, I didn't have the time to polish it up and have them give feedback when you moused over them, but it probably wouldn't have taken that long so I should have tried. I'll keep this in mind for my next game jam entry.

This game is a very solid entry to the jam. I liked the rocket boots a lot but, didn't actually find the lasso that useful (but maybe that's just me). Having a tutorial screen was very nice and something many entries are missing, myself included. For my critiques, it felt like there was a lot of things that had overlapping uses, like the rocket launcher and the regular gun were more preference than one being stronger, so maybe make the rocket launcher a lot stronger but make it a temporary power-up, and same with the rocket boots, as they are sort of lasso replacements. But that is just my suggestion, the current way is not bad.

Thanks for all the feedback!  I know that in some levels you have more planets than you need, but most levels had more than one solution so I figured it is probably better to give to much than to little, and for the controls I definitely would have done them differently if given the chance. I plan to practice making music so the next game jam I compete in has a better soundtrack. For the gravity question, it was all done using code. I'll check out your game too.

I really like the game! The idea for this game is really cool. The art is great and the music isn't bad, but in the end it is a little simple. Like it feels like it has so much potential if there were more things to build.

I see that now but I played the game by download so I didn't see the description right away. I would just recommend for next time to have the controls shown somehow in-game. It can be a button that makes the controls show up, or just have them floating on screen, or shown when the game launches.

It's a little unclear what does what, like I would take damage and not know why and some other things were weird to me but overall its a good game with some great music.

I don't think it's bad but it was unclear what the controls were or what my objective was at first. The art was decent, but the music was very repetitive. Would defiantly recommend adding more layers, or making it longer before looping.

Thanks for the feedback! Originally I planned to have a little tutorial message appear during the first level (with like little arrows pointing towards stuff and saying what it did) but I didn't end up having the time. Hopefully next time I will be able to get that done.

I gave it a shot, but to put it simply it feels very simple and buggy. I think the particle effects actually look really good, and that the way the player moves and the camera feel decent. With some sound effects this game could have been decent.

Thanks for the feedback, I do want to work on my music skills, it was my first time actually putting music in and I plan to make a better soundtrack next time

Thanks so much for the feedback! I did think about changing the controls after submitting it, but I guess I was just used to the way they were set up from playing it so much while making it.

I like the game, the music is good and the art is decent, but I would recommend moving the instructions to the front page or somewhere more accessible to the player, most people wont read through the story to get to how to play

I think the music is truly great and the game is really original

, even if it is a little weird to control