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I feel the same way about wanting to play games on a console versus a PC.  My answer was to setup a mini PC to be used with controllers and output only to my TV. It's not a perfect solution but, it is working for me.

I also see a LOT of potential in this game. 

This is a demo I'd like to see as a finished game. The Metal Slug vibe comes across very well and that's a good thing.

If it's by Scumhead...... It's gonna be good.

Thanks, I got the Second Quest NES rom by buying it here several days ago. I've bought this game twice and still feel like it's worth every penny. It's even better on an upscaled NES such as the Analogue Nt Mini or retroUSB AVS. I prefer the 8 bit version to the PC version. Looking back, I wish I had bought the cartridge during pre-order.

I originally got the ROM from the Steam version. It's worth buying again to add the Second Quest to your collection. I didn't know there was a Second Quest until I saw it hare. It's a great addition to an already great game.

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Keys for game. Use with controller image below to create AntiMicro profile. Was only able to put one picture per post.

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This is a great game. It's a lot better using a gamepad. Unfortunately, using a gamepad without some kind of mapping software is difficult at best. You may want to run AntiMicro software in the background after mapping your keys to the keyboard keys. If using Win 11, use AntiMicroX. These programs are esily found by Google search and are free. You can create profiles and save them. I use it on several games that don't have controller support. The picture below should help with making a controller profile for the game. Are we going to see a Switch port for this one? Inquiring minds want to know and I'm curious myself.

I couldn't wait for NES ROM to be available so I bought it for PC from GOG, from Steam and from After missing the pre-order and looking for it for hours online, I FINALLY found a retailer with copies of the Digical version.  I LOVE this game. I'm hoping to someday see Alwa's Legacy in an 8-Bit Edition. Another completely new Alwa's game would also be great.

It works perfectly on a real Everdrive N8 and N8 Pro. I've tested it on 3 N8 Pros and 1 N8. Tested on both NES and Famicom versions. I tested all Everdrives in an Analogue Nt Mini Noir. I have had no issues at all. It even runs from the flash card of the Analogue Mini Noir running the jailbrake firmware. Is your flash cart a genuine Everdrive or a clone copy of the Everdrive? It's possible the clones of the N8 won't work.

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If you need the NES ROM, it's included with the PC version on for $10.

That's not much to pay if you really want the game. I expect someone will eventually put an illegal (free) copy out there but I suggest you just buy the PC version to get a legal copy of the game. It's worth every penny.

Same here. It ROCKS

Please buy it. You won't be sorry. It's worth every penny. You can have it on PC and play on NES.

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LOL.. I also bought it on Steam so I would have it for the Steam deck but had already bought it on GOG. I bought it for Switch and Xbox. I bought it on so I could get the files for Linux. I just now found some Digical copies in stock. It's been a long hunt for a Digical copy but I have them ordered. 

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Any chance you may port Alwa's Legacy to a retro console?  If so, I WON'T miss the pre-order.

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I've been scouring the web for weeks looking for a Digical copy. I was just about to drop $60 to get one from a UK seller on eBay when I found it in stock and at retail price here in the US. I ordered two Digical copies and I'll get them next week. I have it on Switch, PC and Xbox. Now I will FINALLY have it for my Analogue Mini Nt Noir.

OH JOY!!!!!!!

AWESOME!!!! Thank You!!!

AWESOME!!! Take my money!!

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I love the game. I bought it from GOG and Steam. I really want to buy the NES ROM in completed form. I missed out on the Digical preorders. I hope the ROM will be available for sale. It would be well worth $10. I'd pay $20 if that's the price.