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That plane is mesmerizing to look at..

My god, this was more intense than any survival game I've ever played. Who knew hitting a small rectangle could be so disastrous for one's career?
In all seriousness though, really awesome game. It's impressive how much you've fitted in it for this amount of time.
My only negative feedback is that resources keet draining while working on history/art and it was a bit hard to estimate how much you'd lose while doing the minigame, since it stacks with the values that are showed when standing by the table/pc.

Hard, but I love it!
Graphics look nice and I liked the music, very catchy.

I did plan to add more cheats but didn't have the time to do so, thanks for the feedback!

I might have to rework the boss a bit. I'll probably polish the game a bit more when I find some time too. It would be nice with some sound, but I couldn't find anything that fits (I get a bit picky when it comes to sound effects).

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love how you took the literal meaning of the theme, awesome game!

Awesome game, with an impressive amount of stuff. I really like the bolts, although the timing on them feels weird sometimes.
They could be an interesting mechanic if you could control the rotation speed and gain momentum when jumping off one.