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NVM, did some research into the song and was able to verify this after a bit. Thanks for making this game!

I really like how in this game you can just choose to work and never sleep. 10/10. Really enjoyed how simple and uncomplicated the commentary was. Also death screen is 10/10

wow, this was really personal and hit home well. excellent writing.

Thanks very much!

Super rad! I wanted to ask what the music for this game is? Thanks!

Hi, I super enjoyed the rhythm gameplay of this! very challenging, but fun!

I wanted to ask if the song in question was a Creative Commons song or otherwise obtained with written permission of the artist.

either way super nice tight gameplay!!!

very delightful yes!

Thank you for the honest response. I have definitely been able to make a game myself in 1 hour before but I just wanted to double-check anyway. I hope you enjoyed the jam and thank you for participating!

Hi, I would like to verify that this game was actually created and produced *during* the jam submission period, since it is a very early submission and it is not completely uncommon for us to get spam entries in our jams. Thanks!

Thanks, this worked perfectly! I definitely wouldn't have thought of that on my own--I don't think I've ctrl+Q'd anything since the days when I used to use an iMac (cmd+Q)

Really enjoyed this! I'm wholly unable to find the last brush head tool, and feel like I pretty thoroughly explored the art sqool world. Wondering if anyone has found all 16 yet. Thanks!

I'm using Window 10 64-bit. Here's what my process has been:

  1. Uninstalling itch app through the Programs list on Windows settings.
  2. Downloading the new installer directly from
  3. Running installer (works fine)
  4. Opening itch app, still getting a big purple notification screen saying "need to upgrade to version 25" and that this version is no longer supported :(


Too bad no one on the EC team has a VR headset! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun making this, if the trailer is any indication :)

I was about to say "makes sense, but there's literally no music playing" and I didn't notice there was a music button until now :P

I'm SUPER stuck on level 2--tried the same things I tried in level 1.....

Did you get permission from the Nuclear Throne devs/are the shooting sounds under a Creative Commons license?

I have been using the app on desktop (in Windows 10). I prefer the desktop app over the browser site since installing games from the app keeps it all nice and tidy in a hidden folder instead of cluttering the downloads/desktop. 

I wonder if it's an issue with certain file types--shortly after I made the original comment ,I was looking at a friend's game that also showed this message in the app, even though it was definitely a Windows-compatible executable. Now that I am looking at your game on the web browser, it lets me download it just fine.

My hopes have been dashed with the message "not available on Windows"! (A friend sent the link to me, I don't know what platform it is originally intended for.) Looks like a super fun game--I love seeing creative variations on pinball mechanics!