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Thank you very much for playing. The truth about underground oven is that it was quickly created to showcase all different assets not present in tutorial and it's not particularly well designed.

Good pixel art.

Quite enjoyable game. I like the idea of putting vampires and ghosts on separate planes. Nice work on visual assets and the music fits perfectly. A leaderboard would work nice.

Shiny. Maybe add an in between levels checkpoint. 

The idea is pretty cool, but it's missing the actual aestetic.

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Nice game. I like the idea and the sprites look nice too. You still have quite a bit of bug fixing to do, as the door doesn't unlock again if the game is restarted after game over and sometimes the player keeps receiving damage even after all enemies are dead. Shame you didn't make it before the deadline.

Interesting. The pause menu should be working alright and clicking the right mouse button near the question marks should bring a tip pop-up. Indeed not including proper instructions was a mistake. The levels do not have music apart from ambient sounds. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Very good game, definitely a highlight in this jam.

Thank you for feedback, I agree the game needs more work

Well, that was not intended I assure you :D

Thank you very much.

Thank you. I was thinking to make it an extra life, but it's just a collectible a bit more tricky to get. 

I will fix that, thanks for pointing that out

It should be working now