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Oh ok lets talk about it on discord

Its just for a little easter egg!

Added Mac support

Thank you Max!!!

Yes it still very much is haha, but in all seriousness awesome work!

This was such a cool concept awesome job Soft

I don't know how to vote for a game jam game

This is so cool, awesome work Soft.

Can it die? Asking for a friend

Such a cool game, I really love the blocking mechanic. It was quite challenging but I really do think to a degree the difficulty is up to par.  Do you have a discord or a server, I also use Godot and was wondering to see any other projects you come up with.

it works added you

yeah NeoJomoless#5577

of course, you got cool games

yeah I do, I am NeoJomoless#5577

Thank you, I am releasing a massive Harvest Update which fixes a lot of the issues with the game.  It’s going to have another boss, bug fixes, design fixes, and mobile support.  I also added a title to the menu as well. I appreciate the support!

Yeah for that game I did not put too much effort into, but I appreciate it! I used Godot engine to create this game, same with my roguelike.

cool game, don’t know if your still working on it but there’s no way to restart for mobile besides refreshing

No need to download it, you can play it on browser.  Appreciate the comment too