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Ben Pitt Stoller

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I liked the text and the controls! I had a problem where the music cut out.

I like the art and dialogue! I think the camera was nice and smooth, but it sometimes was a little disorienting.

Really cute artwork! I did get stuck on the fast cat part though.

Fun idea! Even after seeing the title and stuff, I still was surprised when I switched into cleaning mode! (I actually laughed out loud.)

I personally thought that the cleaning up part was a bit boring, but I know some people do like that sort of thing (see: powerwash simulator).

One thing: you should put a cooldown on the gun shooting. Right now the shotgun is way better than any other weapon because you can just spam click it.

I really like the concept of this, really cool idea!

Hey, looking sick so far! I'm trying to play this with a gamecube controller, is there any way to make it so that light presses of the analog triggers will still shield, like in smash ultimate?

Really fun game! There's not much here yet, but I'm sure you could have made more if not for the deadline! I wish there was a score counter, because right now there's not much replay value.

The game is fun in itself, and a great start to your game development! (I think this is one of your first projects, looking at your profile.) An improvement to make is to have more contrast in your colors. It's a little hard to see what's in the background and what's in the foreground.

I love the concept and art/music, but the controls could use some work. It's sooooo slowwww to move!

Yeah, when testing I felt that way too. Honestly, I took the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" approach. I like the way you feel super confused and it messes with your head!

Enjoyed it at first, but got completely lost with lots of stuff weighing me down. It would be so much better with a minimap.

The idea was really interesting, but I felt like the fact that I lost HP every time I controlled the enemies made me not want to do it at first. Stereo audio was a nice (though honestly not very necessary) touch!

Was a cute game,  but had some annoying problems. The controls are hard to use, the GUI was covering too much of the screen, and the music kept cutting out.

Thanks! 6's smash works for me, were you in the air when you used the ability? Sorry, I probably should've made that more clear in game. If you want, you could give it another try!