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The polish on this game is out-of-this-world (no pun intended), with the graphics and audio and attention to detail all being off the charts. I really enjoyed how you had 2 interpretations of the theme in one game, my first 5 star went to that category. However, the gameplay was ok at best, and just rather confusing. Maybe I didn't understand something, since everyone else is praising your gameplay, but I wasn't sure what to do. Yes, I could combine cats, and I did a few times. But not because I knew how, but rather because I was just randomly rotating the planet. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a bit harsh, but it's because I really like the idea of this game and would like to be able to enjoy it more by knowing what to do.

Thanks man! It was nice to get some live feedback, though it was a bit frustrating seeing you run away from the bugs. If you would like, I can let you know once the post-jam version goes up that adds more sound and fixes a bunch of the stuff people have been having problems with.

I will definitely do so, but obviously your ratings will stay based on the original version.

While this a very interesting concept, I can't seem to find anything other than the original note to interact with, and so my journey was cut short. The plain white graphics really added to the eccentric feel of the abandoned house, and the music was fittingly spooky. Sadly however, I didn't see the theme at all, maybe I didn't get far enough in? Either way, if you know how to advance further into the game I would be more than happy to give it another try and change my rating, because I really enjoy what I got.

The idea was certainly there. However, the execution could've been done much better in my opinion. The player sometimes blocks your aim, and the controls are very out of the way where no normal player would know to look. Alongside that, I couldn't get past what I assume is only the first level since I didn't know what I was doing. Yes, I can warp space, but in what seems like very select situations and even then I wasn't sure how it helped me at all. Graphics and audio are very good, I just wish the execution could match the great idea you have.

The art and audio of this game is absolutely incredible, I'll give you guys that. But unfortunately, I think that's where the quality ends.  Gameplay was very, very simple, and honestly just kind of boring. I walked back and forth, roared occasionally, but that was really about it. The theme connection seemed forced to me personally, maybe others don't feel the same way. It really sucks that the gameplay is so painfully average, because I believe this has the start of a really great game. I just wish that there was more to it than what there is.

I'm glad you liked it! I definitely can see where your problem comes from, I suppose I got so used to it by the end of the jam. I'm not quite sure how to make them much more different, if you have any ideas I would be open to them.

I appreciate the feedback! I do have controls on my actual game page, if you wouldn't mind trying after knowing how to play. I'm also working on a new version with controls built in to solve your issue.

Thanks! I'm working on a new version that's even better, and makes it more of a complete game. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I definitely did think about having some way to deposit your resources but unfortunately I didn't have time to implement that alongside the necessary features.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game! I did think about adding some size randomization, and I might do so in the update I'm working on.

A nice little game, graphics and audio were very well done. As for the gameplay however, it was a bit boring if I'm being honest. It didn't feel like there was much to do, and it took me a while to figure out what to do. It has the starts of a very good game, i just think it'll take some work to get there.

A fun little game, and an interesting concept. With the lack of levels, there wasn't a whole lot to play, but the concepts you have could easily be expanded upon. I wish there was more you could do with the assimilation mechanic, maybe extra abilities for the spacemen you couldn't access in your alien form such as the guns that I can see them holding. Audio restarting after every level/death was a little annoying, but that's not really major. All in all a very solid game, especially for your first project in a new engine. Keep up the good work!

Very tricky little game. Graphics were just as good as I've come to expect from you, and audio was good as well. There was a bit of delay between when the song ended and when the next loop started, and the sound effects were a little harsh, but nothing too major. The gameplay itself was pretty challenging, it definitely required careful planning, impressive for a game made so quickly. Good job, keep it up!

A very fun game with a good amount of challenge. It never felt unfair, and the graphics and audio both were very well done. I wasn't sure when the game ended, maybe having some of the story integrated into the game would be beneficial. Overall though, a very fun game. Keep it up!

Fun game! A little unforgiving with having to restart every time you die alongside no health refills that I could see, so I unfortunately couldn't get very far. The graphics were very well done, and the attention to detail was impressive. I wish the enemies were a little easier to take out so that I could get further, and the player physics were a little aggressive, but otherwise a very solid entry. Good job guys!

Neat little game. The gameplay is a little repetitive, and feels the same at 0 points and 2000 points. Graphics look very nice, I'm a fan of that style, though sometimes it's hard to tell what the full size of the planets are. I would make the game a little more forgiving, maybe making it so that you only die if you leave the top or bottom of the screen. It was a bit frustrating to be on course for a planet that maybe wasn't directly next to me, but still die for it. Overall though, very good level of polish for such a short time frame.