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The sensitivity is too high and I cant turn it down! Its cool though

This is super cool. I finished it, but the controls were kinda scuffed. I imagine trying to map movement on a sphere is pretty hard.

pretty fun

It's just a grey screen for me

I think you need to make your game a lot more forgiving. The jump should last longer or give you a couple frames towards the top to adjust your postion horizontally. The jump is very aesthetically pleasing but not good for gameplay. I think the jump alone made playing this game very frustrating. Also I think your game could benefit from using lerp() or using an approach() function. Responsiveness is good in a platformer, but just a little bit more of easing into a run and going up in a parabola motion rather that suddenly jerking up and jerking back down will actually make your game more intuitive and easier to control.

As others have said the final boss should start with a random order and cycle through colors in order, otherwise you are punishing the player for thinking ahead by making things random. Make sure in your final version you aren't forced to make such sudden color changes in the first stages, because the color changes aren't intuitive and you need to provide the player enough time to learn the new skill while also ensuring there is a rewarding skill curve so players don't quit from frustration or boredom.

As it is I really felt like I was forcing myself to finish your game in level 4 specifically as I was dying over and over.

Your game looks very cool by the way. Consider adding a visual representation of the color queue so you don't always have to remember color order.

I'm not a music critic, but I liked how the song matched up with the animations but in general it got very annoying and I would've liked more ambient sounding music.

I thought the gameplay was very rewarding and liked how there was a degree of tactics and strategy involved in my decisions in game.

I spent a good 40 minutes playing this game it was really fun