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Benjamin Bergseth

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hey thanks really appreciate the epic feedback

sry for waiting so long to reply


looking for probably like 1 person because more is a lot of effort, might do 0, but we'll see

oh god that's huge wtf

Glad you like it :)

Magnus's reply from Discord: :slight_smile:

Paper Mario was a huge part of the inspiration here for sure :) Big part of my childhood. Dolmio was less a part of my childhood, but it's more familiar than Campbell's soup to me for sure, so :shrug:

yeah spar is having some technical issues, sorry about that :(

glad to hear that you got it right the second time around tho :)

Hello, I make music and video games, and sometimes both at the same time :)
People of all disciplines are welcome, so if you have a passion for any of

  • art
  • animation
  • writing
  • mixing
  • shader programming
  • unity particles
  • unity scripting
  • game design (particularly balancing)
  • cool or unusual musical instruments
  • or anything else you deem relevant

just tell me you're interested and we'll have a little chat and get to know each other and plan a bit ahead of the jam. People of all skill levels welcome. Already, have an artist, but we're open to having one artist on environment + one on characters or something

I'm particularly interested in doing something Paper Mario-esque (3D game only using flat images), but we'll figure out what we wanna make as the team is assembled and the theme is revealed.

I'm online from 7-20 UTC, and having at least some overlap there would be preferable.

some of this is pretty meme and I don't have most of my recent stuff here, but my last few uploads should give a sense of style, though I might do more straight guitar/piano stuff for this jam. Again, we'll see what ends up happening :)
Games on my itch page, but they're mostly one hour game jam games

nice cat

good job mate, but never give up jumping man, it's too useful

There's no download link, my dude


changed my life

thank you

srs tho increase the reload rate >:c

Thanks :)

Sorry for the late reply, we've all been pretty busy and we didn't have the time to engage with the game jam beyond submitting our project. As soon as we've got more time (around June) we are probably going to keep working on the game until it's in a state that could at least pass as polished, so, you know, stay tuned if you want to, I guess.

holy moly