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The character creator is so cool! Really enjoy the vibe of the overworld what with the big blue sky, grassy fields and mountains. Combat against the knights had me in stitches, their movement is so good. And the scale of this world is so impressive.

As you mentioned you'd like constructive feedback - something about the movement/jumping felt twitchy at times, leading to my frequent demise in the acid swamps. With plenty of checkpoints this wasn't frustrating, but I wonder if movement could be tighter without sacrificing the awesome momentum mechanics you've got.

hey nice game! the great pixel art and music are a vibe, clean mechanics too. super fun!

I really enjoyed this game! The artstyle is brilliant, feels like I'm playing on Windows 3.1 or something. Nice system for stats and dialogue. The conversations are indeed hilarious. Thanks for making this.

Minigames is always a good way to try making variety of game mechanics, nice work. I especially like the shopping items.

It's awesome that you achieved such an ominous vibe out of a benign premise! I enjoyed figuring out the controls to the factory, though I couldn't manage to get the 3rd belt running, so it was a bit too easy to stay on top of the evil duck spawns. Would love to see an expanded version with additional chaos!

Great atmosphere from the visuals, sounds, and voiceovers.

Super fun game! Love the color scheme and the gameplay is really solid. Along with the pleasing sfx and music, just a polished experience through and through.

My only suggestion is that it might be nice to buy the upgrades one by one as you progress through the stages. Although I realize having 1000 coins to start is tied to the theme. The concept of upgrades in this type of game is really neat!

Very thoughtful to include both modes for accessibility as well. Nice game!

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Thank you so much for the detailed review! Yeah we should have highlighted in the tutorial that there's a speed up button which helps a bit with the time issue. But even still, the game could definitely benefit from more depth when the goal is as high as 1000 bugs (like your suggestions of more bug types/more challenging AI).

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it :)

super fun! love the characters + artstyle

This is dope, looking forward to it.

Very cool! Dashing into the axe'd enemy is neat, I can imagine a bunch of fun ways to expand that mechanic.

The intro and conversations are hilarious! Really great writing and the level you built feels really fleshed out.

This is super cool, I love Gain Ground and this is an awesome interpretation. I like the little details to the movement/shooting and enemy AI. It really rewards methodical execution.

Appreciate it :)

This is such a cool way to learn some ASL! The animations are so clear, makes it easy to see what sign means. I had some trouble figuring out the menus/cards, but it was so rewarding just to try the conversation options and learn some more signs. Epic soundtrack too!

The sprites of the characters are so cool, really recognizable. It's seriously impressive that you got drop-in arcade multiplayer working for a jam. Great sounds and taunts, so much personality in this game!

The ghosts are seriously so adorable. The momentum behind the reticle is fun to play with, and one of the ghosts kinda pushes it away? Really neat idea. Hope to play on the cab someday.

Sooooo cool! The vfx and mech designs are dope, and the menus and loading screens really tie the everything together. I had a bit of trouble with the camera, maybe it's getting blocked by the invisible walls? But I love how crunchy the combat is overall.

Love the track design, huge, twisting, and tons of details. At one point a ramp threw me off the track but it only made the comeback and victory sweeter!

I really like the look your custom engine can achieve. I figured out how to pull the dudes towards each other for epic slap fights :)

Loved this! just amazing atmosphere/audiovisual experience. Great quips, and I enjoyed spamming the silly actions.

updated a couple hours after the deadline to add the music and something of a difficulty curve :)

all assets were made for the jam. I worked on the music and some of the enemy models before the jam started.

super charming game, love the character designs and little stories :)

Really love the look & feel of Oxalis. Cool visual style and palette (also a fan of Arne).

My one gripe is the targeting scheme. I enjoy how you've got to press two buttons, how it emulates driving the mechs. But when you have to line up a shot with two or more valid targets at almost the same angle, it's super annoying and I often misfire. Maybe you could move a reticle across the ground while holding Aim, which snaps to the nearest target?

An option for shorter animations would be sweet too.

Looking forward to seeing where this game goes!

This entry had the strongest taste for sure :P

It's cool how your visual results with the HPSXRP were quite different stylistically from our game!

Well done getting to the current "end"! Thank you so much <3

I loved this! Great design around the mechanics, it's interesting to balance shooting fireballs vs locking on to grab the candy. The pixel art is very clean and serves the gameplay perfectly.

Super charming game! Great art style and music, and cool that you were able to pack in a bunch of different mechanics. The only trouble I had was realizing the vents were tied to specific bots, but once I got that it was a breeze.

I had a lot of fun playing this the other night and learning how it worked. So cool to make a networked game for a jam!

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This game cozy, cute, and completely unhinged! Amazing density of horse jokes.

edit: and almost forgot to mention, LOVED the dragon guy sequence

Glad you found it scary haha! I gotta ask, if you remember, which sounds were like minecraft sounds? I'd like to fix that but weirdly enough I've never played that game myself!

I love the aesthetic you guys achieved here! I think I said this about one of those DOS games(?) you were calling back to - it's super cool for a game to have a creepy atmosphere despite not being super dark. I appreciate being able to use a gamepad with the tank controls.


Thank you! Glad you had a good time :)

Yo thank you so much for playing! Your playthrough was dope, I haven't seen someone so good at avoiding the demon yet. Sorry there isn't a proper ending right now, soon!

Yo this is very cool! It's fun to use the varied character abilities. I only wish there wasn't a delay before you could use a new character you swapped into, makes it a bit hard to be strategic. The spritework is great and the movement and abilities feel nice and smooth. Awesome work!

super cool! The atmosphere is well designed, the evolving music is especially nice. I kept feeling like it was going to break down into a sick DnB track with a million enemies coming from every direction :P

Nice pixels and game feel too, definitely would like to play a version with those tougher enemies!

Appreciate the kind words, it was definitely a lot of work! I'm glad you enjoyed the exploration and open ended nature. The hope was that either of the first two artifacts could be obtained first and would help out with getting the next one if people were having trouble.

Yes, I'm looking forward to adding a real ending, probably shortly after judging ends. As you can probably tell we were under some time pressure when adding that room in the end!

This game is so fun! Mechanically the abilities and character control worked great for me. I love any game that encourages and rewards you for optimizing your play, and the conceit of collecting as much candy before midnight was perfect for that.  I got 642 after a couple tries, I wonder what I could be doing better to get that killer 870 in your screenshot!

Also the art and music/sounds remind me of Duck Game, always good. Kind of a hilarious aesthetic as an exaggeration of how people remember old games :)