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thanks for the update, looking forward to it. The philosophy behind this program is fantastic, but the current version is definitely hamstrung by those limitations. I would hesitate to really try to use it for a project until the new version is out.

Nice game! Balancing my attention between the different attack types was a bit unintuitive at first but I could see the strategy behind each. The missle mechanic in particular is very cool.

awesome game! I really like the ship designs and overall graphics style. Creative alt-fire option and variety of enemies. The ingame music sets the tone well and the title screen music is epic. It's too bad there's no sfx in this version, but it looks like you're adding that post-jam?

Very well designed gameplay, pretty graphics, and perfect gameboy feel! There's a lot of strategy behind the small number of skills. I wish there was an option to slow down the combat dialogue though -- it was hard to figure out what the enemies were doing and determine which attacks were most effective. I also think showing the order of execution clearly would make strategizing more enjoyable. Overall really great though!

Fantastic style and really cool mechanic! Cooperative teamwork games are great but I haven't seen them combined with platforming yet. Would love to see it developed further!

I love the polish on the art and presentation, very impressive for a gamejam! The gameplay is fun too, but I agree with Sean that the big issue holding it back is the camera + dash design. I think having the camera lead further out in the direction you're looking would instantly make it feel easier and fairer. Unless you're going for the truely old-school style where memorizing the level layout is part of the challenge!

Thanks for the comments folks :). Yeah, I will probably revisit this idea since the basic mechanics and art style feel pretty good. I only had a couple days to really work on this so unfortunately couldn't get to everything (like the clouds in the preview that was my first mockup).

As for the waves and scores -- it has preprogrammed waves up to around the time you get ~200 points, then there is a bit of a lull and it spawns enemies more frequently as time goes on. Getting through the preprogrammed waves is pretty good, after that it becomes a battle to keep the screen clear enough but you'll eventually get overwhelmed. I think my best was around 500.

The time slowdown mechanic is pretty cool, with the slowed down sfx and everything! I wish that it was better integrated with the gameplay though. Right now it seems like the optimal way to play would be slowed down the whole time, but that just gets too boring. Overall nice gameplay though!

Thanks for the comments guys :D. You're right that the gameboy couldn't technically display this color palette of course, but it does use four colors. If I had more time I would have implemented a classic color scheme mode for sure.

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I'd like to try out Superpowers with GBJAM5 ( However I'm having some trouble figuring out how to set up the camera and engine to comply with the 160px x 144px resolution requirement. I can get it close by changing the orthographic scale to 5 and the screen ratio to 160x144, but some rows and columns still end up distorted. I'm not clear on how the math interacts behind each camera and engine parameter. Any ideas?

edit: I understand now that the orthographic scale corresponds to the vertical resolution, so setting that to 4.5 with 32 pixels/unit should give me the correct 144 vertical resolution, I think? But when I build and run the game in the browser and set the correct width and height on the canvas to scale the game 2x, the pixels are still not all square, and have some fuzzy borders.

edit x2: My problem is essentially the same as the one here: I've also seen this issue in all 2d example projects that I've tried - is it possible to set up a pixel-perfect camera in this engine?