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Really love the look & feel of Oxalis. Cool visual style and palette (also a fan of Arne).

My one gripe is the targeting scheme. I enjoy how you've got to press two buttons, how it emulates driving the mechs. But when you have to line up a shot with two or more valid targets at almost the same angle, it's super annoying and I often misfire. Maybe you could move a reticle across the ground while holding Aim, which snaps to the nearest target?

An option for shorter animations would be sweet too.

Looking forward to seeing where this game goes!

This entry had the strongest taste for sure :P

It's cool how your visual results with the HPSXRP were quite different stylistically from our game!

Well done getting to the current "end"! Thank you so much <3

I loved this! Great design around the mechanics, it's interesting to balance shooting fireballs vs locking on to grab the candy. The pixel art is very clean and serves the gameplay perfectly.

Super charming game! Great art style and music, and cool that you were able to pack in a bunch of different mechanics. The only trouble I had was realizing the vents were tied to specific bots, but once I got that it was a breeze.

I had a lot of fun playing this the other night and learning how it worked. So cool to make a networked game for a jam!

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This game cozy, cute, and completely unhinged! Amazing density of horse jokes.

edit: and almost forgot to mention, LOVED the dragon guy sequence

Glad you found it scary haha! I gotta ask, if you remember, which sounds were like minecraft sounds? I'd like to fix that but weirdly enough I've never played that game myself!

I love the aesthetic you guys achieved here! I think I said this about one of those DOS games(?) you were calling back to - it's super cool for a game to have a creepy atmosphere despite not being super dark. I appreciate being able to use a gamepad with the tank controls.


Thank you! Glad you had a good time :)

Yo thank you so much for playing! Your playthrough was dope, I haven't seen someone so good at avoiding the demon yet. Sorry there isn't a proper ending right now, soon!

Yo this is very cool! It's fun to use the varied character abilities. I only wish there wasn't a delay before you could use a new character you swapped into, makes it a bit hard to be strategic. The spritework is great and the movement and abilities feel nice and smooth. Awesome work!

super cool! The atmosphere is well designed, the evolving music is especially nice. I kept feeling like it was going to break down into a sick DnB track with a million enemies coming from every direction :P

Nice pixels and game feel too, definitely would like to play a version with those tougher enemies!

Appreciate the kind words, it was definitely a lot of work! I'm glad you enjoyed the exploration and open ended nature. The hope was that either of the first two artifacts could be obtained first and would help out with getting the next one if people were having trouble.

Yes, I'm looking forward to adding a real ending, probably shortly after judging ends. As you can probably tell we were under some time pressure when adding that room in the end!

This game is so fun! Mechanically the abilities and character control worked great for me. I love any game that encourages and rewards you for optimizing your play, and the conceit of collecting as much candy before midnight was perfect for that.  I got 642 after a couple tries, I wonder what I could be doing better to get that killer 870 in your screenshot!

Also the art and music/sounds remind me of Duck Game, always good. Kind of a hilarious aesthetic as an exaggeration of how people remember old games :)

This game is absolutely a treat. What a charming and complex cast of characters. And I did think it was pretty terrifying. I actually don't know how to get the bad ending, though when I try to interact with the <face>, it crashes for me.

That damned kazoo or whatever it is in the music really ties it all together!

Nice game! I really loved the sound design. The first level wasn't too tough, but the second one had me confused a few times on how I was supposed to avoid damage. I liked the extra details you added like the lightening and parallax.

Never! Thank you. In fact, someday we may see more of skyjunk...

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Sweet game! As everyone mentioned, super fun audio experience. When I got the hang of how to play it was super satisfying, it's fun that there's no limit to how fast you can roll and pick cards. I wonder what the fastest possible win time is! (I guess without the cheeky trick!)

This game uses the HPSX Render Pipeline. The demon model is "re-animated" from a previous jam :)

All other assets were made for this jam.

it's real good. The controls are pretty intuitive once you get used to them, but I wish the movement speed/responsiveness was a little higher. Love the graphical style and level layouts, I got to the second one but didn't finish. "Let's go brother" and the music - heck yes

nice aesthetic! reminds me of streets of sim city somehow, sweet 2d car interiors and retro feel. enjoyed the slidey car physics. tidbits of wisdom top off a stellar experience.

this is so crazy, great work! Throwing minigames into this concept is hilarious. The game pushes to the limit of being too confusing without passing it, really fun.

This is fantastic! Narrative rarely grips me in games but the writing here ties everything together so well, and it plays perfectly off the theme and palette. I really enjoyed reading it. Mechanically it's fun to figure out the right way to balance your attributes over time.

I'm a big fan of Slay the Spire so I think about deckbuilding when I play a game like this. I'm not sure if this game is drawing your cards from a deck behind the scenes, but I really like the "bright idea" and karma event cards that have you effectively building your deck as you play. Leaning on that in a way that allows players to build very different sets of options by the end of the game would have me replaying this again and again :)

The art is gorgeous of course, awesome use of the contrasting tones of the palette. The music is cozy and ominous at the same time, a perfect fit for the game. Thanks for making this, I hope to see more of it!

This is dope, great visual aesthetic with some cool shaders and level design. The eclectic mix of music helped each area feel fresh. The apples minigame was a bit tricky, not sure what I was doing when successfully tossing them over the wall vs failing. My favorite mechanic was bashing those bugs!

I love this! Really cool poker variant, the odds of having a good hand can change so much depending on the moves players make. Feeling that out is fun. The card art is so good too. As you mentioned the AI could use a little tuning, I caught it going all in on some fairly trash hands :)

The architecture and mountains remind me of the Hong Kong airport, where we stayed for a 17 hour layover when our original flights were cancelled. Great simulation of that experience!

Thank you! It is definitely possible for not enough enemies/destructibles to spawn on the map via the procedural generation, it was just unusual enough to not get fixed in testing, sorry that happened to you!

This was really fun! The little popups as you move through the atmosphere are cute, and I really like the model for the player. The debris models are good too, though I think if they were a little more colorful they would be both easier to see and fit in well with the casual, relaxing atmosphere set by the music and UI.

The flying movement is quite good, I felt like I could dodge through tight gaps pretty effectively. It can be hard to judge distances from this angle though, so the moving objects could be tricky. A manual boost could definitely help there. The other thing was the hitboxes on the powerups felt a bit small. They're probably accurate, but I guess it's usually best to always make "good" hitboxes a bit larger than the object and "bad" hitboxes smaller than the obstacle if you want it to always feel fair!

Well done!

Thank you! Yeah, I agree about the character being a bit slippery. It's due to some combination of the small platform size, the movement when slicing, and the fact that they are a capsule collider, I think. No way to regain health, I kind of ran out of time at the end! Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the thoughtful comments! For the cloud effect I followed some of the steps from this twitter thread by Alex Strook, specifically the cloud mesh was made manually kind of like how it's shown here, with lighting baked in blender into the vertex normals to be used by the shader. Then I wrote a shader in Shader Graph for displacement and color noise over time. It's missing a lot of the advanced features shown in that thread, some that aren't supported by the graphics pipeline I'm using in Unity and some I just don't need since you won't be running into the clouds.

Definitely agree that the slicing movement makes it too difficult to control. I had wanted to make the attack more like the hook where you don't have to be precise but I didn't have time. Same goes for taking damage, oh well! Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for the video! It was awesome to see how quickly you learned the game in real time, and to see the specific parts that need to be improved. Winning on your second try is really good too :D

This is super cool. As someone who uses shader graph and other tools with node editors pretty frequently, it's awesome to see that style of scripting built into a game. The performance of the node editor was great for me.

I agree with others, that the game would benefit from simple scenarios at first before ramping up to a planet-scale (or moon-scale) simulation with an entire fleet of terraformers. I had fun playing around with it, but the learning curve towards making a graph like the one in your screenshot was a little too steep!

I really hope you stick with the node graph concept as a way of programming AI. I love AI-programming games but most of them lack the depth you can achieve with a system like the one you have here.

Wow, super ambitious game! I do have to agree with other commenters, it's a bit too difficult! There isn't much room for error for each launch and the rocket controls are a bit challenging, so it's especially hard to succeed if you don't know exactly where you want to go.

I do really like the idea of using the rocket to explore a large world of floating islands. I could imagine a fun metroidvania style game where you can return to islands that have specific challenges when you have more upgrades. To have a more freely usable rocket, you might have to put the platforming sections behind closed doors.

I'm impressed with the amount of art, lighting, and effects you've packed in here! Something about the style is not entirely cohesive for me, it might be that some things are more realistic and others are cartoony? The enemies are fun, I also think they could have been shown earlier in the game. It took me some time to realize that especially for game jams, we shouldn't hold back on showcasing the most unique aspects of our games!

sorry I don't have this setup to test, but I don't think the game would be fun using a trackpad anyway...

yooo good job :)

hey thanks for playing, hope you had fun!

It sounds like your controller's triggers are not working in the game. I have only tested with an Xbox controller on Windows in firefox/chrome and the native build, but it is supposed to be a generic gamepad interface. You might be using a controller and platform combo that isn't supported by Unity?

There are some programs that emulate an Xbox controller which people use for these problems. I would also like to duplicate the trigger functions on the controller face buttons, but I don't think I'm allowed to update the game until the end of the month per jam rules.

The intro animations and story are hilarious, so good! Great gameplay mechanic. I did think the hitbox felt inconsistent at times, sometimes I wouldn't grab a bullet when it appeared very close, and this could cause bullets to hit me that I thought I should have grabbed. Also, the dash hardly moved my character at all for some reason? Perhaps my browser isn't playing nicely there. Timing the release of the orbiting shots was really fun and added a lot to an already interesting mechanic. Really fun concept and premise, thanks for making it!