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Oh then i got to come back and play a second round after you updated it! Keep it up.

Hey, I really enjoyed the feeling of Outrunner 198X. Also having the cones placed on the guitar notes really added to that feeling! Maybe you could change the way the car collides with barriers and especially the edges of the road(I felt like I should be able to drive there). Maybe take the edge collision completely out, giving the player a little bit more freedom. I don't think this would make the game more difficult. Otherwise the visuals really fit in with the music! Great Job. :)

Glad you're starting to code your own Games. The visuals are really cute :) Have fun working on the Game! Cheers!

Phew this was really intense! But the shooting feels really good. I made it to a kill count of 134 if I remember correctly :D Maybe you could make this count visible after one is dead. Also the music really pumped me up! :D