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Awesome. I don't like soccer much, but this is great!

needs local multiplayer XD

An awesome game! Even more so for a Weekly Jam. I like the level design.

Some times the player controls made me overshoot and push balls one square more than I planed :/ But maybe that's just me.

It's a little strange when you just after mixing 2 colors roll the resulting ball right back to the square where now 3 colors overlap...

The Bridges are very nice and I love how they work with the minimal style of the game

Good job. It really fits the famicase.

It took me a while to figure out I had to match the sequences at the bottom with my shots and not in the game field. But maybe that's just me XD

Also, when the blocks moved closer to the player I had sometimes a bug, where I needed multiple attempts to destroy a block.

Other than that It's a great time killer XD

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I really like the setting and it reminds me of SMB. I personally hoped for more robot fixing (since I like robots). Very impressive for a weekly Jam!

Some thing that would make the controls better: If the player presses jump just before he landed from the previous jump, it should still trigger a jump.

Right now it feels like the jump animation has to end before I can trigger the next jump.

Like described here:

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Very nice game. I like the atmosphere.

Would be nice if there where more tactical options to it and a little less pure luck.

I played 3 rounds:

1. round I started with only the 2 water bottles and kept throwing heat symbols with the dice. So I quickly lost

2. round I was doing ok. But then I hit a bug when I couldn't roll the dice or activate a card or item. So I was stuck and hat to restart

3. round I started with the tents and extra drinks from my characters boni. Also rolled a lot of water icons with the dice. So I didn't have to use any of those. Would have been an easy perfect score win. But I hit the same bug again :(

Update: score 56 on round 4 (30+(4*4)+10)

Great puzzler. Drawing the rails needs multiple attempts for me in the web version some times to get the orientation right.

But I love how the puzzles get very complex with a simple set of rules

Very nice! I love the art style. But 2 things:

1. Make it easy to reset levels

2. Where is my portal gun? XD

Nice concept,

just one small thing to improve:

Making a Portal requires now the keys:

X -> arrow -> X

You should cut it down to:

X -> arrow

or better just make it shoot in the direction you are looking after pressing X

Very awesome so far.

The intro works great. And the story looks very promising.

Some mechanics are a little frustrating. Like it looks like I had to interact with the fast fans first to interact with the slow one. I ran to the slow one first given the visual clue of it being different than the other 2.

Also the unscrewing that required the right angle was a little odd. However if you keep using this mechanic of needing the right angle, it will be less odd the next time you encounter it.

I was exited, that the last scene hinted some game play like in 'FAR: lone sails'.

Not 100% sure you where going for this, but it would fit.

Nice! web version needs a save option or have all levels unlocked.

There are too much levels to make it in one session.

What an awesome game!

Had a lot of fun!

I actually played all levels twice, as I didn't record the first run and did another with recording once I noticed your game description. Hope I am first XD

The hardest level is actually the 3rd one. I barely made it on my recorded run. I was much better in my first run on this level loosing only one unit :/

Anyway I uploaded my recordings here as proof: