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PICODRAW is a drawing program made in PICO-8. It's just a prototype but do expect more updates in the future. Link to it here

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this comment is sus

This game is really fun but there's definitely room for improvement. I would turn down the movement speed as it is hard to tell what is going on. Overall, good job!

Very fun game! If you expanded on this it could be a very good mobile game, it's quite addictive

yeah, I only thought to do that after i finished the jam. oh well. glad you liked my game!

Oops! Didn't notice that in development, good score though

Hi, there was a tutorial but we had to remove it because it broke in the last hour :(
The controls are in the description now and it explains how the game works, its a good enough replacement I guess

Glad we could get a working version out, even if it doesn't represent the whole game. Thanks everyone for making this with me!

I think I disabled the pause menu by accident, that's not good. Thanks for the review!

Really cool! Reminds me of Geometry Wars and the online leaderboard is very nice. Keep working on this and put it on mobile, this has potential

So when is the video coming?

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Thanks for the feedback, I did not even realise you could put physic materials on 2D objects, that is very useful!

A rewind button will be added to a post-jam release. I would have slowed down the rewind but it made it a lot less intuitive and more annoying so I may have to completely rework that

Yes, I have only been using Unity for about 2 months now but have been programming for 2 years. This game was only my second and I hope to make many more! Love your game by the way, it is very good

Very nice. Play my game if you like milk

Very nice. Play my game if you like milk

Very nice. Play my game if you like milk

I fixed the collision issue and will push a patch now with some other fixes!

it does actually use cinemachine but i did not mess with the settings, probably should!


Love the premise and the art style, movement was a bit buggy though. Great job!

Love the art style! Very cute