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Jorge Baptista

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Great game! 

good job, the theme interpretation was very good.

This is very awesome game, and good idea with the theme. I love the art and sound they are adorable! :D

 I only struggled a bit with movement, it felt a bit abrupt but maybe it is due to me being used to other games movement style and needing to take a bit more to get used to this one. Which also brings up the matter about space bar button as mentioned in the comment below me.

I wanted to give feedback on the "bad" things because I think that is the most useful feedback anyone can get.

Either way great job for real! Good game :) 

Hey @icecheetah,

thanks a lot for giving us feedback and going all the way to replicate the bug and printing it back to us. 

We will look into it! :)

Hey Tigerparrot!

Thanks a lot for trying our game. The version you played was probably the original jam version, sadly we couldn't finish the whole level in time. We decided to keep working on it post jam until we make something optimized and fully finished (at least level 1).

We still hope you enjoyed your experience anyway. Thank you again :)

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Looks awesome :)

Great job!

Hey thanks a lot for playing our game, we are glad you enjoyed. :)

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Hi there! 

We at Brain Motion Games studio have published our game The Last Stand!

The Last Stand is a 2D Tower defense game based on the mythological event Ragnarok that comes to destroy all the 9 world of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil and you are the only one who can stop it!

Each of the worlds is a level for you to play on. By controlling a ballista that shoots bolts and by using money to place traps around the area or barriers to protect yourself, you must defend the world against the waves of enemies that come from both sides of the screen.

Come try it out and let us know what you think!

(You can download the game to play on your PC (Windows/Linux/Mac) or simply play on your browser without requiring any download)

Hey this is very cool game to play with someone, great job!

Keep up the great work :)

Hey great job, game is pretty nice and I love how fluid the UI is!

Keep up the great work :)

Hello, thanks for playing! 

Sorry for super late reply. I really wanted to thank you for your tutorials on your YouTube channel they helped us a lot. Thanks! :) 

Hello, thank you for all feedback and kind words. I agree with everything you suggested. It however was very fun to participate and learn how to use the engine.

 We look forward to next Godot Jam so we can try something more original and better! :D

Hi thank you for playing the game and giving us important feedback. That is a good idea to make the game more fun and less static (harder), thank you a lot.

We will not make any more changes to the game so it can stay the same throughout the jam (until the rating ends). :p

Hi, thank you, it was a bit rought at first, learning how to work in the engine, but it was an amazing experience and we can't wait until the next Godot jam.

We are happy you liked the game, thanks for playing and giving feedback! :)

Oh I understand now, was this on the browser version?

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Hey, thank you for trying out our game, hope you enjoyed it.

Do you mean you couldn't see the temperature bar well enough? Thank you for your feedback :)

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Hey thank you a lot for trying the game and giving us feedback, we really appreciate it ! :)
We updated the difficulty to increase much faster overtime, it should be harder now :p

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I can't play it :( . I think you need to pack it

Edit: I am talking about windows version :x