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The real question is, can we date the host? ;)

*ahem* Honestly though, this is so adorable?? The idea is super cool! The demo is a bit on the short side, but that didn't really bother me. I just wanted to meet all the characters, I get really excited about monster dating games and I like to see which types of monsters people include in them. XD

All the characters were super entertaining! I found myself grinning at all three of their intros, and of course at the host's dialogue. However, you should know that, in particular, I'm now head over freaking heels for Mino. He's just so precious!!! He's absolutely beautiful, and he made me giggle and go "awww". I have a soft spot for cute, happy, slightly ditzy guys like him; those types are just too sweet. Him being a mermaid (merman?? Merperson??? XD) made it even better since I love aquatic monsters.

And the intro of the MC/player character made me snort. They seem fun and I very much relate to them so far, hehe!

All in all, this demo is the start of something really cool!! It's right up my alley and hits all my buttons for what I want in a game, tbh. The art style is cute, too, btw! It's so soft and casual but also clean and polished. And as I said, the characters are really lovely, so great job on the personalities and writing as well!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this. But take care and don't push yourselves! Good luck with this game, and I'm definitely gonna be back to check for updates and stuff in the future! <3

Ahhh, no werewolf in this game! I may be doing a spin-off in the future, once I finish all these guys' routes, that could have a werewolf, though. c: