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It was a fun game with a neat idea. I liked the upgrades and the game play. The graphics were good too.

Good game overall, I wish there was more levels cuz it seems fun. The graphics were pretty too. Good job!

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It was a fun game! I liked the music a lot. The level design and the puzzle design was so great. Perfect, parfait, perfecto!

WTF, my potato PC seems to be not supporting OpenGL 3.3. F*k it. Your game looks so cool and so great, but my PC is so shitty, sorry.

The game was fun.  As Belaniax mentioned, it needs some balancing. I liked the music and how it changed when I lost. The graphics were nice. Good job overall!

The game was good. A+ for the artist who made the pixel art! The game seemed to be hard at the beginning but after a few tries I got the technique : I make the monsters follow me then I start shooting them till they all die. I reached wave 5 using this technique!

The game was  fun and good! Great job on the music and sfx.

But, it became so difficult at the end but I still managed to survive for a minute and a half.

Great job!

Thank you for playing the game! I didn't know the window scaling trick, glad that it helped you to play the game!

Thank you for playing and commenting!! Yeah, you are right, the sprites should've been smaller, it was a very bad design choice.

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I liked the idea and how it related to the theme, but the colliders of the enemies seem to be big cuz even when it looked like I loose health I didnt hit anything. It's a very good game with a good concept, but it needs some polishing. Nice job!

Congrats on your first uploaded unity project! It's so much better than my first unity game. The music and the graphics were good. I liked the gameplay and had fun playing the game. But you could've adjust the difficulty or add check points as ImmortalMat suggested. But overall it was a pretty good solid game!

The game design is so neat, I liked all of the game! But, it would've been so much better with audio.

The concept was ok for me. I killed 7 plants before dying. You should work a little bit on the graphics cuz it was hard to know if a plant is dying or not. The music was ok and moody too. Good job!

Can you please download the game and tell me if the bug is still there. Thank you another time for reporting it! <3

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Oh no, I think I remember this. I fixed this issue just before the deadline(looks I fixed it only for windows). In the web version, the spawn points spawn enemies depending on the player position so the vampire can walk so easily without getting caught. But in the windows version the enemies spawn depending on the vampires' position. So this bug will happen only in the web version. I will fix when I get access to my PC. But I'll delete the web version for now.

Thank you a lot for reporting this bug!

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Thank you for playing and commenting. I think this is a bug or a glitch because there are multiple spawning for the enemies. Did this happen to you once you or a lot of times?? Also try playing the game again and tell if it's still easy for you

Thank you for the in depth feedback, well I think it was intended to make the enemies shoot from big distances. I don't know why, but I always end up making hard and frustrating games. Glad you were able to beat it from your first attempt!

I think for those who was not able to play the game, to make it fullscreen, or to just download the game.

Petter Bergmar Thnx ! I just added some screenshots ! Yesterday, I was so tired and could'nt add some screenshots for the game :( ! But now I uploaded some of them and you can see in the screenshots how to get to the fridge, and also you can see the second level of the game.

Play My Game !

You are an employer in a restaurant and you have to wash 6 dishes in this little game. It's a mouse only game. You have to wash each dish in a set of time as you can see in the screen shots. So Enjoy the game and hope you'll see more content from me !!!

Play My Game !!!

Like your game !!! (Belga) Every one who'll see this have to download this game !!!

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Hi guys!!! I just published my first game on !!! It was made for the ludum dare 37 !!! If you don't know it, it's a game jam where the developers have to make a game based on a theme in just 72 hours (or 48Hours, but I'm in the 72hrs one). However !!! The game is about a robot (you) who is pooping rocks on ghost cats. Wait, can a robot poop rocks ?? Actualyy, idk but in my game you can. You can also ask me, why is the robot pooping on the ghost cats ??? Well, they are trying to destroy your house !!! (It's an ugly house, I know) and on each time you have to beat your HighScore, this is the objective of the game !!! Remember, I'm 12yo and this is a game jam game !!! So, EnJoY the game & show me what you think about it !!! Bye !!! Download Here