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I'm happy that you enjoyed the popping. Thank you for testing it!

I hope you'll also like the new version. Glad you liked it!

I added it on top of its jam version, I'll update it once the voting period is over. I hope you'll enjoy the new version more!

Thank you for playing the game and leaving a comment!

You can come back for the updated version of it after the voting period ends.

Glad you liked it!

I am working on the game at the moment, you can come back after the voting period is over to see the new version. I hope it will be ready then.

Thanks for playing the game!

Thank you for playing the game!

I currently am working on the game. Although I didn't have time during the jam to implement something to foresee cards, I'm working on a card system so that you can see the upcoming cards that you can place!

Thank you for playing the game and taking you time to leave a comment!

Another ship-themed game I adore!

The game plays and feels great. I'd suggest you make the first phase of the game easier so that the player is prevented from getting bored. Constant upgrades and lower time intervals between them would be more appropriate for a game jam game I think. I hope you build on this idea and enhance it though!

Solid entry, good use of assets. Well done!

Oh, you just gave me an idea, thank you! I can make it so that the buildings have different construction levels so that more than one click is used to build a building. I think a few polishes and sound effects can enhance the gameplay a lot after I implement that mechanic.

Thank you for giving me an idea and giving the game a go!

Thank you for playing the game! I will update the game once the voting period is over!

Glad you liked it! I will update the game once the voting period is over!

I'm currently working on the game so that the tile placements actually have meanings, and also you will be able to see the next building you're going to place in the new version so that you can also strategize around them! I'll update the game once the voting period is over. Glad you found the placement sounds satisfying!

Thank you for giving the game a go and leaving a comment!

Thank you for playing the game and taking your time to leave a comment!

I am currently working on it to create a relaxing strategic experience at the end. Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it!

I adore pirate games, and I found this good!

I have always complained that there aren't many pirate games out there, including both the big and small titles. I'm so glad that I've found this one in the jam submissions! The combat and the ship movement can be improved but they feel good enough at their current phase too. Sound effects are also good. I wish there was more to discover, but I'm still glad that I encountered this game!

Solid entry, good job!

A cool stacking game!

I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. The lava coming from the bottom is a great "enemy" apart from the weird shapes of the objects. I love when the weird shapes come and leave me with no good choices. I also loved that you included the Kenney Jam logo as one of the objects!

Good entry, well done!

The game looks cool and I wanted to play it, but it unfortunately is at an unplayable state right now.

There are many holes in the level that you fall from once you land after jumping. The controls are clunky for a precision, fast-paced platformer. I'd suggest you analyze other precision platformer games' movements so that you can learn from them. I'm amazed by the visuals though, I think it fits the game idea well. I hope you develop it further so I can enjoy it!

Good job!

I adore tower defense games, and I'm glad I saw this in the jam!

It is hard to remember all the information about the towers during the game, certain UI elements that give information about them would be good. Other than that, I advise you to use an orthographic view in tower defense games. Certain lighting adjustments would also make the game more "funny" to the eye.

Good entry overall, good job!

The game unfortunately is not playable right now. I see you have only uploaded the .exe file instead of the whole folder. Maybe you can create another page and direct people to there from your current page so that they can play the game! Be sure to upload the same version though since the submission period is over.

A simple, nice idle game you got there!

The main problem I had with the game was that there is no way to enhance our click power. The only way to continue further at a great rate is dependent on weapons we buy and upgrade after a while. In idle games, clicking is encouraged by options that empower the clicking speed and power. I'd suggest you add another upgrade section to the game that has click upgrades rather than automated weapons so that the player can see a reason to click.

Solid entry, good take on the theme, well done!

I like tower defense games, and I like frogs. What could I ask for more? Solid entry, well done!

Since most of the models are symmetric in both axes, they may seem like not moving. I will also add some rotation juice to them when I have the chance.

Thank you for leaving a comment!

We have built the levels so that each enemy would feel like a boss, but since they don't have distinct dodge mechanics but one, your first suggestion fits better to this phase of the game!

I think we can add a line with milestones on it where the head of the player character goes between as they defeat monsters, to represent how many monsters are left in the area. That is a nice suggestion, thank you!

We plan to add character-specific skills and "rage" mechanics which we think will eliminate the monotony of the attack sequence for the player. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to implement them during the jam.

I appreciate the feedback you have given since it struck certain ideas in my head, thank you a lot for playing the game and taking your time to give feedback about it!

The OVERKILL mechanic is going to be one of the main mechanics of the game after we extend it. Currently, it is there for the visuals. When we extend the game after the voting period ends, the roguelite elements we are going to add to the game will take the OVERKILL mechanic as a base.

We had to include caution for blood in the game due to the little feedback we have gotten. We even created an option so that people could disable bloody sections of the game and still enjoy it. You may have not got disturbed by it, but certain people did.

If the game is too easy for you even at the highest difficulty, that is good for you since no one has beaten it so far!

I am sorry that you were not able to discover the OVERKILL mechanic by yourself as others did. We thought it was easily discoverable since no one has complained about it before but you. When we extend the game, there surely will be a tutorial section so that the mechanic is easier to understand.

Finally, unlike you, I don't think that it is a "stupid" mechanic, but a "funny" or a "brutal" one.

Thank you for taking your time to play the game and leave a comment.

Glad you liked it, thank you for playing the game!

The game was purely made in the LOWREZJAM's time frame, but we have worked more than the average for sure to implement all of those things. I'm glad that you liked the blood splatter and the music!

Thank you for playing the game and leaving a comment!

There indeed might be a problem with the key presses, but I couldn't reproduce it. I'm sorry that you encountered that problem. It is good to hear that you liked the art and animations, and bloody touch! I definitely will take your feedback into consideration about the blood splatter blocking the visibility of the dodge buttons.

Thank you for playing the game and leaving a comment!

The big bear enemy is the last boss in the game right now, and the game ends after you kill it. That one is a bit tough though! I'm also happy that you have considered this game as a great foundation for a bigger game since that is what we are aiming for!

Thank you for playing the game and leaving a comment!

Thank you for playing the game, I'm happy that you liked it!

Glad you liked it, thank you for the kind words!

I hate that I didn't have time during the game jam to implement the solution to the contrast thing you have mentioned. There are lots of comments about that, and you are also right.

There aren't any limitations about attacking, but we'll extend the offensive abilities of the player character with skills and certain character-specific passive abilities. Currently, the dodge feels more fun as you have mentioned since there isn't any variety in the attacking of the player character.

Thank you for playing the game and giving us feedback, I appreciate it!

You are right about the contrast between the characters and the background, that is the first thing we will fix after the voting period ends. I'm glad that you liked the core gameplay loop, we'll extend it with various dodge mechanics and skills in the future before we release the game!

Thank you for taking your time to let us what you think about the game!

Glad you liked them!

Thank you for playing the game!

I think there might be a certain situation where your input is counted twice, I have also encountered that but I couldn't reproduce to bug in order to fix it. I'm happy that you liked the level of polish in the game, and I'm sorry about the risks of the carpal tunnel! That comment made my day...

Thank you for your feedback and for playing the game!

After you defeat the enemies, you can continue attacking them repeatedly to OVERKILL them. After you OVERKILL the enemy, you can proceed to the next one!

Simply, keep pressing the attack button. It should let you continue further.

Thank you for giving the game a go!

Glad you liked our approach! You are right about the repetitiveness for the current phase of the game, we'll extend it by adding roguelite elements and more dodge mechanics once the voting period is over.

Thank you for giving the game a go!

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