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Is this gonna be made to a bigger game? I loved it! so beatiful and mysterious like little nightmares or black the fall!

Raft community · Replied to HQ in Bug reports

Got the same

Where do I find them? For a safety backup :)

New sorts of fishes, maybe some poisening fish and add MUSIC! A nice little enjoying soundtrack :)

Can I delete the files from 1.04 or do I lose my save files by doing that?

Are save files from 1.04 transportable to 1.05? If so, How?

will the bug that my chest always are empty when I come back also be fixed ?

The palm tree is again growing in my patato plantation... didn't even plant anything in there where it grows...

Every time I come back to my world My chests are emty , only one have still stuff in it... if I make a new one it's emty again next time I start the game...

haha it was kind of funny indeed.. .still got wood from it :) and thnx!!

I'm a 100% sure my water purifier had cans in them when I quited now I play again and there gone, also all my chests where emty... only my patato chest had still patato's...? screenshot;

My patoto wanted to be an palm tree? > screenshots;

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I think I fished too much... My spear turned into a fishing rod without line (can't attac shark anymore and creating new one doesn' work)... >see screenshot;

Normally he holds the shark's meat otherwise than this right?... >see screenshot;