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It was great! I love getting freaked out lol 

Absolutely loved this and was so excited to play the full version!

Not what I expected, that's for sure! Also please don't leave your gum in vents.

Having had a similar fear when I was younger, this was definitely a spooky minute!

It was definitely interesting. More of a one minute story than a game, but I liked it!

This game was pretty fun! I did a video recently where I played a bunch of short horror games. I wasn't expecting the end. It was kind of sweet!

The only Spongebob Horror game I was able to beat! This was really entertaining. Love the raspberry/mouth fart sound effects too.

I'm not fast enough to beat this, but it actually made me jump! It was super fun

Wish I could have beat this, but it was still entertaining! 

Was excited to see this and play! Did a video I'm putting up Friday. Not going to spoil anything but it legit freaked me out way more than the demo. Great job on this!

This game was so satisfying. A great way to start off my channel.