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It was great! I love getting freaked out lol 

Absolutely loved this and was so excited to play the full version!

Not what I expected, that's for sure! Also please don't leave your gum in vents.

Having had a similar fear when I was younger, this was definitely a spooky minute!

It was definitely interesting. More of a one minute story than a game, but I liked it!

This game was pretty fun! I did a video recently where I played a bunch of short horror games. I wasn't expecting the end. It was kind of sweet!

The only Spongebob Horror game I was able to beat! This was really entertaining. Love the raspberry/mouth fart sound effects too.

I'm not fast enough to beat this, but it actually made me jump! It was super fun

Wish I could have beat this, but it was still entertaining! 

Was excited to see this and play! Did a video I'm putting up Friday. Not going to spoil anything but it legit freaked me out way more than the demo. Great job on this!

Very excited for this! Made the purchase as soon as I saw this.

This game was so satisfying. A great way to start off my channel.