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I got it on the third try, I think

just like in the guide (we tied first, then I won)

you have to wait and keep visiting him weekly, at some point it will  triggers after being with him in the morning

also i made a cg guide, if you want here's the link: ♡

HEY!! I made a guide on how to get ALL the CG's in the game
for those interested: ♡

okay, i have to say, this is a major spoiler:

shuu: tell him to do what he wants (and end the show he’s writing for);

toru: accept his confession, buy the ring, propose.

1st: kiss tocchan - do it a lot in foreplay mode until the you get the scene;

2nd: Sub/Bottom Tocchan, first: get the rope - to get the rope you have to do the sidequest of an NPC outside the TV station (needs to have popular status and access to TV station - that is, bribe the guard, spend 50k), and then use the rope (foreplay mode).

you have to beat him on rock, paper and scissors - save the game first because I think it is random

it's a scene that happens when haato goes to tocchan's house to meet his siblings (for me it happened just to spend as much time as possible with him in the week)

first one: sick shuu - keep visiting him at his house, at some point the scene will happen;

2nd: beach trip CG;

last one: fan meeting

and the shiba's dog costume: dog appears in one of the classes (it'll triggers a CG too), after the dog shows up, the love hotel bear will make you an offer, go to the love hotel at night and the bear will offer you a dog costume (cost: 20k); for the scene to happen, you have to top shiba at least once, after buying the costume, at some point the scene will happen (it took a while to appear for me, so don't worry);

i'm making a guide on how to get the cgs, this is not a problem is it?