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Thanks! i recommend to you to visit the link i posted in the  page. it was my inspiration for this

thx and btw they were not made by me they were made by vexed

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believe me almost all that was planned and or removed. you just wait pls rn the game is trash

nice score!

also, i dont want to bother you but im just letting you know that you can edit your comments so you dont have to make lots of comments. thanks!

Thanks a lot !!!! its aprecciated :D

Too easy, huh? ill make it harder for ya >:D (probably im not gonna do it soon but thx for the rate)

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bruh for real? all this for FREE? youre a god man thank u if i make money with a game that haves one of your assets packs ill sure donate you.
also i read that i can modify tiles to make my own. can i share it if i do it? (i should say that mostly it will be dungeon tiles i think, im asking since u made a paid one and u probably dont want some random dude taking your chances of winning money. also i would pay it if it was 10x10 :P )

scut + demoknight

really fun game, i got a lot better since las time i played but i couldnt defeat the boss :(
it could be nice that the control item to gain more control would be for all 4 directions to make it more easier.

still a fun game that has inspired me to make my own bullet hell prototype

definitly a good idea, but it needs changes
-the ui needs to be bigger in my opinion
-its a little annoying that the information in the left doesnt dissapear after a few seconds

-it needs artstyle for the objects (optional)

overall, nice roguelike

yeah about the one direction thing i decided to keep it for the player as an advantage and bc idk how to fix it lol thx (also do you mean the blue guy going in 1 direction right?)

*clap clap* easy game *clap clap* easy game >:D won with 6 deaths. cant wait for the remake

great idea but it needs some polish. first, i think the angle of the camara would be better if it was more up. second, when you display a platform i cant see how exactly im gonna put it, so its frustating, its need to show the real size of the platform (changing the opacity). finally, just wanted to say that this could do well for a co-op game where 1 player controls the player and the other controls the platforms (obviously). great job

again, ive said this a lot but thats to allow future mechanics

oh wow i didnt think of that analogy

all that is gonna be fixed in the update :D

interesting mechanic. its a puzzle game, but it doesnt give you time to think so you have to make real time decisions and repeat. kinda like hitman and he art of repetition. great game!

all that is gonna be fixed in the update, and no, im not going to do that of the cursor, to allow future mechanics

Thx for the ideas! i fixed the item colors and the on/off walls and im gonna consider that about the accessibility

definitly an interesting idea, but tbh, im not good with rythm games and this was super hard for me lol.

great job!

thx! you can find the creator by searching "ewof sad 8 bits" in youtube

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nice job, this is a really good game :D its very creative! i know it had been said before, but a sanbox mode would be awesome

this is the kind of game that make me say "damn, how did nobody think of that before". amazing job!

definitly fits the jam. good game :)

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this game fits the theme in a way i didnt think of and it gets really addictive. sure, most games have this mechanic, but the execution is exellent. is perfectly balanced: its not unfair because you can see what the game is gonna do, but also is not easy because you have few time to make your move. amazing game. 5/5. good job

That was interesting. i never seen this before in the jam. i know is the idea, but its a little annoying that you have no control (or at least you cant see how many control you have) over other peoples emotions

fun game but its need something most top down shooters of the jam doesnt have: health packs

with a lot more polish, this could be a fantastic game. great job :D

wow. i didnt expect that. i was wondering why "cursor" was on the title. great game!

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ive seen this type of idea before in the jam. the execution of this idea is really well done. it feels like a non-scary fnaf. however, i feel its a bit unfair that you send that amount of work. i used an exploit that i discovered (click with 2 mouses at the same time) and still couldnt complete all the work. i say this a lot, but great potential here! :) (also LOVED the artstyle)

poor goodzilla just wants to go home. fun (but hard) game!

thx! this game is very inspired by the worlds harddest game

didnt expect to learn something today but great job! it was hard but its still a good game

greta game! definitly fits the theme

really like the wii vibe. Great job :D

good game, but it could get a lot more polish to get even better

-make the text bigger

-make the camera a little more far away

-have a noise when a control changes

soo that was cretive lol. it was satisfying sometimes. highest score was 1761. great job! (also loved the voice)

my highest score was 11916. fun game :)

when i realized that i just have to do that 1 time it became a lot easier lol. great game!

Thx! During development i realized that my game is perfect for phones. And no i didnt try that and tbh im not gonna do it to allow future mechanics

Wow! what a great game! i love the scientists health mechanic, as most of the arcadey games in he jam doesnt have that