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Kamil Bazydlo

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I think there might be a conflict between game's code and platform preferences in engine editor. I might look into that. Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, that's what I'd usually expect of quarantine. This is a different outcome so it was confusing, but it looks like the attribute quarantine sets on the app is breaking it if it's compiled with newer versions of GameMaker, than the one I previously used. The Terminal command restores it.

It's Mac's quarantine. This is kind of a bug/limitation of current versions of GameMaker, unfortunately. I revised install instructions to reflect how to get past the quarantine.

Thanks for pointing that out. The game gets corrupted upon download, for some reason. Probably has to do with security, but I'm guessing. I need to research that. In the time being, could you try installing the game via itch.io desktop app. This seems to work just okay. I added the note to install instructions.

Thank you very much for playing and for the comment! Really glad that you liked it. I thought the music was essential to the whole experience so it's good to see that being recognised.

Long, long overdue but I moved the game over to GameMaker: Studio 2, and that pretty much fixed the issue with music desync. Due to low complexity of the project I didn't even had to edit much in the game, but previously I wasn't able to test it.

Thank you for your comment! Appreciate the mobile mention, as I actually started the project aiming it for mobile release. But for me it's still too costly to release a freebie game on mobile. Maybe I'll get to that some time.

The unexpected upside of desktop version is that if you got your PC monitor in portrait orientation the game supports that with no black bars in fullscreen.

Also, yeah, the Windows Defender, didn't realise it until I tried downloading the file myself. Locally the installer was launching as expected, but I guess Defender is very picky when it comes to downloaded files. Might just do a regular zip in the future, instead of exe.

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Haven't got the time to check out many games but I think I know what you mean. Well, I hope my game feels complete enough, haha. On the other hand, everyone needs to evaluate their own goals. Throughout development of my game, I was asking myself is this the whole thing? Is this feature complete? And I would love to add more stuff and continue working on polishing little details etc. but there is a point where you have to say stop, I'm satisfied, ship it, and move on. As for me, I'm pretty happy that I managed to really go back to my project and wrap it up within a month. Having it very half-baked on my hard drive was driving me nuts.

All in all game jams can teach you a lot of stuff about how to manage your time, priorities, how development under pressure feels like. I hope as much people learned some good lessons on this. Doing games is fun, but finishing them is a real struggle.


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Just released my new game "Kosmos Below". It's a little colour-matching game with bright graphics and cool music. It's got simple controls, where you just move a mouse to hit coloured blocks with your laser. It's got 5 levels and endurance mode dubbed Overdrive.

Check it out, and drop me a comment if you like it.

It's also my submissin to Finally Finish Something 2018 game jam https://itch.io/jam/finally-finish-something-2018/

Link to the game: https://beechbone.itch.io/kosmos-below

Looks pretty unique and complex. Hope you’ll manage to finish it and make something very interesting. By the way, have you played Hellblade? I think it shares themes with your game, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hey, I'm currently working on a game jam and I'm looking for a composer to make several short pieces of music. I posted a screenshot of the game I'm working on in the jam's community forum https://itch.io/post/333081 If you would be interested to see the game in motion, I have a playable build I can share.

I listened to your tracks on SoudCloud and I like the variety. I have a vague idea about what music would fit my project, but I'm all for experimentation and trying different stuff to see how it would work.

It's very easy, you just match a colour of a "device" you're controlling with the colour of the block in the top line. There are some simple traps and modificators down the line and it gets faster with time to make it more engaging, but I wanted to make something that would not require any tutorials or text explanation of any kind, and I think I got it. Just by screenshot it might be, huh, what am I looking at? but it's so basic that I hope everyone should get a grasp of the gameplay the moment they start the game. Also, it looks better in motion ;)

Just a random screenshot of a game I've been working on for far too long. It's probably ok to call it an arcade colour-matching game. It's nearly code-complete, but is missing audio and music and needs some balancing. I also want to implement a set of in-game achivements to give players a bit of an incentive to continue playing as the game is designed to be taken in short, couple-minute bursts. I'm creating it in GameMaker 1.4 and targeting Windows and Mac (although I haven't exported it to Mac yet so hopefully it will magically "just work" or will require only little adjustments).

Yeah, for some reason the bug occurs only on Mac version. Temporarily I don't have access to a Mac so can't try fixing it, but I'll try do something about it in the future. Maybe I'll recompilethe project in GameMaker 2 once I switch to that version. Not really sure if it's a bug in my code or GM is just handling the functionality differently under Mac module.

Definitely the outlines. The characters really stand out that way.

Ok, awesome. We're in a very different time zones (Europe here) but that might be actually beneficial in some ways. What do you prefer for contact? E-mail is fine?

Hey, you got some really cool stuff! I'm planning to make a simple puzzle platformer of sorts using GameMaker Studio, and could use some nice bg music. This is my first jam, so it's gonna be a challenge, but I want to do as much as I can on the first day to have something playable that could indicate what kind of music would fit it.

If the offer is still on and you're willing to give it a go, let me know.


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Cool to see a lot of first-timers, myself included. I'm still working on my first game, but just saw info about the jam couple of days ago and figured out that it's worth a try even if a game I make for this will suck big time.

About the 10 days limit, I agree that's quite a lot of time compared to some other jams, but it's also worth keeping in mind that people go to work/school/whatever so like for me it's effectively going to be a lot less time, in terms of hours spent on the project it's closer to like a 2 day jam. And I guess that if you've never done it before the time constraints can be intimidating.

Let's all just have some fun.

Probably depends on my mood but I could listen to very different stuff across many genres, but it's cool to have something that's obviously not distracting. Lately I've been listening a lot to 65daysofstatic's No Man's Sky score, or It Follows by Disasterpeace, or Nisennenmondai, and Myrkur... Ok, that's actually a lot of dark stuff but I also like to listen to something more lively and fun like Oh Land or La Roux, lyrics don't really bother me. Also, friggin Iron Maiden anytime, go figure.

Hey there!

I finally decided to get a little bit more involved in gamedev, as well as the community part of it. I've been stealthily working on my first tiny little game in GameMaker Studio in my free time and I hope to put it on itch.io in near future. I totally suck at promoting myself so nothing to share with you guys atm. But first, I guess I need to choose profile picture and stuff!