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beebop day

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I loved it! At first I didn't really know what was going on, but after kinda learning how to make my way through the levels, I got an understanding. Seeing the simple level layouts after blindly stumbling through the levels for minutes was an amazing feeling, hahah, one of my favorite bitjam games so far.

I liked your use of the rapid pulsing when you get closer- also thought the little background part you wrote about trying to find the mosquito in the dark made the whole submission make sense, fun play! (I also thought it was kinda hard, heheh, I'm bad at it)

That would've been good to include, agh I like that idea hahah- thanks for playing!

Couldn't find the .exe file after downloading and extracting?

Fun! I like the use of differently blinking colors each suspect uses to tell the difference, I'd never have thought of that.

I caught a fish! Once I read over the instructions a bit (the brief and lengthy versions were helpful) I understood how it worked generally- fun game!

This game made me crack up, hahah! Great stuff

Ah, cool cool- that makes sense :)

Love it! Reminds me so much of Wind Waker. The combat and movement are really fun- the art style is really great as well. Also the mini map is beauty itself hahah! Not sure if you could call it a glitch, but I noticed that sometime when locked onto an enemy I could do a jump attack by pressing space, but not always. Could just be a gameplay element I don't know of, but thought I'd point it out. The camera rotation with right click wasn't really sensitive enough to be useful for me, but using left shift solved that problem. Really fun stuff though, the mechanics are amazing, other than the couple small things I mentioned.

Go check out my game at the watering feelings page! Not sure if you can really call it a game, it's more a thing that you ~experience~ as I've been calling it, hahah. I'd be impressed if it took you more than three mins or so.. although technically it has endless replayabilty ;) Have a gif of what that looks like:

I'm pretty happy with the soundrack (done by my friend) and the audio, so definietely use headphones.

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I think a theme would be nice, it doesn't have to be a super constricting one- maybe just a broad idea to base around? Can help generate ideas sometimes


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There is! I'm away from the computer at the moment, but later today I will.

Edit: Mac version now available

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If anyone from the jam already downloaded my game, there was a problem with the file upload setup that I fixed, so please give it another try!

I've enjoyed playing everyone's games :)

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Likewise! My art is really bad, so don't judge me either, heh :)

Ah, sweet! I helped myself to the download, I like how the tutorial is embedded as a game created with the engine itself!

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Yo- I'm James, I'm a high schooler and have been kinda lightly dabbling in gamedev for the past two years, with the last half a year or so programming oriented.

Anything I've made has been done in Unity, that I'm very fond of, and I'll be using it again for this! (Programming in c#)

However I'm not supah sure what I'll be making yet, excited though! Thanks to Rich for making a pretty open ended and creatively allowing jam for us to have fun with :)

I really enjoyed this. My one thing is that the controls were a bit slippery- it's annoyingly easy to be running and jumping around and then slide of a platform. The animations are pleasantly simple and fit the art style, I feel, and the soundtrack also really seems to make sense for some reason. I love how the mechanic of the different platforms crumbling or disintegrating until recharged fits in both to make it a challenge to find the components (objects?) you need, but also can work to help you. Was a lot of fun to play, please continue working on it and improving upon it! :D