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hahha Ty! You stay healthy as well!

Aww, tysm! That's great to hear!!

I've actually just finished changing up EfC's style - it's looking a lot prettier! There's also a dark mode, and the option to change font sizes. Writing-wise, I've had more time recently, but unfortunately things will be chaotic for me until the end of this year hahahah Life's crazy when you're in the last year of college!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed EfC even if personalities like The Hedonist aren't usually your cup of tea :-) <3

And yes, it is possible to not have an affair with Harry in the past, and still romance him in the present. There will be small flavor differences to both romances, which I'm very excited to write!

Thank you!! <3

Hahaha, thank you for the enthusiasm! I agree I'd also totally hate The Hedonist in real life. Good thing we can just play and enjoy the chaos they bring without having to worry about real-life consequences!

Things for me are crazy right now - I'm on my last year of college while working two jobs, which is why updates haven't been frequent. But please know I love Exiled from Court and am always thinking about it! It may take a while, but it will definitely be finished. <3 :-)

hahah Thank you!!! <3 I hope your wait is worth it!

meu deussss nem sei como te agradecer!! 🥺🥺🥺 mto obrigada!! fico mto feliz que você tenha gostado tanto do EfC, e com seus elogios a protagonista! (principalmente a comparação ao iconico gil do vigor <3 hahahha)

perdão pela demora, mas fiquei sabendo que esse comentário deixou meu dia inteiro alegre! eh mto bom saber que meu trabalho impactou alguém desse jeito <3

ah, e foi super intencional que você tenha ficado tentando adivinhar o nome de cada província no Brasil da vida real hahaah eu tenho o nome de todas as províncias de Albarzia salvas aqui mesmo sabendo que nunca usarei todos!

Ty <3 Val will come around eventually, I promise!

Muito obrigada! E sim, também sou brasileira hahahah

Huh, that's...really weird. I just looked at it on Firefox and the gender option appears very soon - Camila says the player is "a hopeless..." and then you get the option "man", "woman", or "brat" (non-binary). Could you please provide me with a screenshot of the page this dialogue takes place? It's the one that starts with "Not only am I "having some bottle ache"..."

Thank you! <3

This is definitely a bug. Could you please elaborate? When you the option to pick your gender comes and you choose something other than male, does the game keep referring to you with the wrong pronouns?

Ty! You're be seeing Harry next update, actually ;-) Be prepared!

Wow, you're an OG for sure!  Tysm and I'm glad you're still around! <3

Thank you! I agree we need more of Brazilian settings in IF - it's all USA and maybe, just maybe, Europe hahahah And omg, The Hedonist is totally the equivalent of a chaotic bard! I love that comparison lol

Thank you, you're too kind! I'll be sure to try that soon and I'll definitely contact you if I need the help! <3

Hi, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm aware of this bug, yes. I have no clue if it's a coding issue or a Twine issue, but I'm definitely working on it. :-)

Hi, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm aware of this bug, yes. I have no clue if it's a coding issue or a Twine issue, but I'm definitely working on it. :-)

Thank you! :-) I believe that error is now fixed. I'll also look into if I'm able to create a Night Mode - that'd certainly be great, I agree all-white can hurt your eyes!

The Hedonist is a pretty fixed protagonist, but they do have the opportunity to grow and evolve as the game progresses. One of their personality stats, Hidden Heart of Gold vs. Prejudiced, tracks just that - are you trying to be a better person or not? (I do hope that's what you were asking hahah)

Ah, thank you so much! You're too kind. The Hedonist is a tricky one, are they not? But so much fun to write. I'm glad you're enjoying! :-) <3

There's no set date yet, but stay tuned to my writing Tumblr! I'll always update new developments there. :-)

Haha, thanks anyway. I'dd probably add in known bugs in the description!

Thank you! :-)

Thank you so much! <3 :-)

Thank you! That bug is now fixed. :-)

Thank you <3 :-) I've actually encountered that first error and I'm still trying to fix it! I'm unsure if it's something in my code or if it's a Twine thing.

And Harry's flashback is fixed! :-)