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Hi! You're the person who ended up sending me a message on Tumblr, right?

LOL Than that's what matters!

Exato <3

Obrigada, e fico feliz que esteja gostando :-)

Mas, como acabei de responder ali embaixo, a Hedonista não é "você". Ao contrário de diversos outros jogos interativos, ela é uma personagem completa e própria. Você tem algum controle, mas nunca terá muita força psicológica, pois esse não é o objetivo dessa história. 

I'm glad you're enjoying :-)

But I'm afraid I won't be implementing such a choice, for two reasons: 1) it's not mean to feel right. It's meant to feel like a clueless father trying to console their child while having absolutely no idea how to do so, and only making things worse. and 2) the most important one: though there is some variation to The Hedonist, overall, they are a set character. You are not meant to self-insert; they're a character on their own. They wouldn't refuse the touching (and, frankly, I don't think there's that much touching coming from Henry anyway? I can only recall two instances off the top of my head), because, simply enough, it doesn't bother them.

LOL Oops! Sorry! Next chapter he'll be introduced for sure. I just ended up reworking the outline.

I'm glad you've been enjoying, and you're right; the reaction was intended. You being pissed means I'm doing my job right :-) I'm sure you'll have fun seeing Harry again in the next update!

Ahh, thank you!! I certainly agree the rest of the Coelho Barretos don't come across very well; I'd argue the entire family has serious problems with honesty and morality, but The Hedonist has always been the one cast out because they've never hidden who they are, while the rest of the family is more than happy to have a few skeletons on their closet.

LOL I'm glad you enjoyed anyway!

Thank you!

Ahhhh, muito obrigada!! <3

Outros brasileiros já mencionaram quererem saber os correspondentes de cada lugar. Acho que vou ter que fazer um post sobre isso!

Thank you! I love writing The Hedonist!

hahahah That's what replays are for! So you can romance both <3

Thank you! :-)

Thank you!

hahahah Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)

No problem at all. Thanks for the shoutout :-)

Thank you!

tava na hora, né? <3

Hi! My Tumblris the safest source. I also have a Twitter!

Thank you for enjoying my game!

Thank you! <3 Val is a popular one!

This was really fun. I loved how fast-paced it was, and I'm always a big fan of playing  an amnesiac character discovering who they are. Good job!

I can't wait for more! I think you have a really cool concept here. I believe manonamora has already reflected my opinions, so I do have only one suggestion: maybe give us a bit more time with the coffe place attendant before having the option of calling them "attractive"? It was too early for me to be able to define my opinion like that.

This was really cool! I loved reading through the different emails. You're really good at expressing their altering personalities and opinions on our predicaments. As someone else said, though, a bit more context would've been ideal.

Glad to hear you want to continue the story! I'd certainly love that. And the slap was after Jake wakes up.

Wonderful story! I don't usually enjoy sci-fi, but this was an exception. I loved playing as this MC; I personally chose to play as a more obedient figure to P.I.R.I., which was very intriguing. I've only gotten one ending, but I'll definitely be coming back later to get more! The ending I did get, however (the one with Jake), seemed a bit rushed, and like there wasn't much payoff - even with the necessity of a cliffhanger, I felt it was out of the blue.

Oh! I also came across a bug: when Jake first woke up, my character tried to talk to him, but the game later reacted as if I'd slapped him. Anyway, great job! Can't believe you wrote all this in such a short time.

Olá! Your writing is insanely good. I was so entranced, I almost forgot I wasn't the heartless and was, in actuality, playing a game. You were able to construct three interesting characters and a very mystifying world in very little time. Congrats!

Great job! Erika's a great main character, and you were super clever with the fading backgrounds. Would you consider making a guide for all the different endings? Because I'd love to try everything out!

Whaaat that was insanely good! I haven't played your other demo yet (definitely will though LOL) so I was coming into this blind, and yet I felt no confusion at all. You were able to craft such an interesting world full of story and lore very quickly. I also love the way you used the UI during gameplay. Great job!

Thank you! Yeah, I dropped the ball on that font hahahahah I'm glad you enjoyed!

Thank you!! <3 I'm glad you've enjoyed playing, and that the intro to Headless Mule was enough! I was worried people who didn't know about the tale would be left confused.

Olá! Thank you for being so nice!! <3 <3 Beijinhos

Thank you very much ! I was worried about the font being hard to read, and thought the strong yellow might be a bit jarring as well. So thanks for the feedback! Very useful! 

Thank you! It wasn't but since you're telling me it fit I'll believe you! hahahahha

I loved the worldbuilding. I hope you do more things in this world, maybe even with the Clash character. In my opinion, the plot twist would have worked better if the game was written in second person perspective, and not first; having it as first person made me feel as if the main character was hiding their thoughts from themself, which didn't make sense to me.

Anyway, great job and congrats! As someone else said, you should be proud.

Thank you!! Yeah Amaro's name was totally on purpose LOL

Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed!

Hi! I think I've been able to fix this, though it's working on Google Chrome, not Firefox.

Obrigada :-) Fico feliz que surpreedi suas expectativas!

Hi! I'm trying to help, but so far I haven't had any luck. Tell me something: is this happening with a saved game, or on your browser?