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You don't run the .exe on Ubuntu. (Edit: unless you have Wine of course)

Open the folder in your terminal and execute the shell script!

Navigate to the game's folder in your terminal and type in:


If you want this to be clickable like an .exe, follow this guide: https://askubuntu.com/questions/465531/how-to-make-a-shell-file-execute-by-doubl...

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lets goooooo

Absolutely awesome video, my king! There's only 10 waves and when you quit JUST before completing it I was screaming at my screen lmao. Thank you very much for the love, and really glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey thanks! And I'm the same now except with my studies. 

Took on double the amount of work I had last year so I dont have much free time for game development (^~^;)γ‚ž

Trying my best to make progress on my upcoming game, progress is slow.. I wish you luck with your studies pal! Education comes first

Ah, didn't catch that one. Ironic considering it was a bugfix update and it broke the entire game. I have NO idea how I didn't see that the first time around, apologies! The new working version should be up, let me know if there are any issues at all, thanks!

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THIS IS SICK!! You're genuinely faster than I am lmao, and awesome job getting this game onto speedrun.com I had no idea small things like this could be on there.

Awesome job dude!

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Awesome video! Loved how energetic you were in this lmao. Your little analysis at the end was great. Really really loved all your praise in this, thanks so much!

Replied to Areous in White comments

I absolutely loved this video! Entertaining but also a good analysis. I did want to expand on this game a lot more, but time constraints required me to cut off a lot of features I originally wanted. However, due a few people's response to this game, and yours included, I think I'm gonna try and make a full game out of this in future. I'm gonna leave this one as it is for now, just a silly wave-based jam game, and create something a bit better later down the line. Full story and everything. In future. 

Thanks for making this video, and glad you enjoyed the game, and I really appreciate your feedback too!

Thanks so much dude! Heh I actually came up with the concept for this while watching Halfcoordinated's run of NieR during SGDQ, so ya got me lmao. 

Also, thank you for praising my drawing! I absolutely do not try to be an artist, I'm primarily a programmer too. And this, is a very very hard question to answer.

I have a lot of artist friends who give me great advice, but I guess the way to hack together good looking stuff, is:

  • Using refs? Like, check out games that do simple pixel art well.  Some games like Cavestory and the Momodora series (all great games). Not copying them, or even following in their footsteps, but just see the way they fit their art onto the tiny canvas they have to work with. What features can be cut out etc. (mouths, noses) and how they simplify everything so much, yet make such definable characters. Check out something like spriters-resource and just, zoom right into cool stuff to see how it was put together. 
  • Use colour palettes. (I know this is really ironic that I'm saying this in the comments section of an entirely black and white game, but please hear me out) If you're like me and haven't taken an art class and don't know much (if any) colour theory, it's hard to understand why something looks meh. A lot of the time, the colours you choose make a big difference. You can find tons of preset palettes online that look nice. Stick to a small colour range. Try and keep the same sort of "vibe" throughout the whole game, but feel free to switch up palettes
  • Get the shapes down first! Don't get jammed with drawing eyes or faces or anything, get just like, simple shapes together. The girl in this game, is literally a circle for the head, triangle for the body/dress and two triangles for the legs. That's the shape. Animate with just the shape, and add in detail later. 
  • Just doodle a lot! Just practice fundamental stuff. Learn very basic stuff first and work your way up. A lot of people think "oh, I'm gonna start learning to draw, so I'll start by learning how to draw a face" like no that's pretty much endgame for drawing. Learn to draw circles and squares really well. Learn the very basic shape the body and head etc, and all the details are secondary. It's easy to overcomplicate stuff, but don't try and push yourself to a high standard, especially if you're just starting out. Just make something you'd be able to keep up with. Take it step-by-step and keep it nice and simple. Keeping it consistent is more important than making it pretty imo. Inconsistency is more offputting than good-looking-ness is attractive (if that makes sense).

Other than that, just, make games. Make tons of tiny, silly games.  I used to make dozens of small games for me and close friends to enjoy, and when you start doing something often enough, you'll get pretty good at it. You end up drawing in a way that's comfortable for you, and it sticks with you and adapts with your games. That's your style. Make the games you want to see.

Sorry I don't have much good advice,  but there isn't really a secret formula I can give you besides "practice a lot".  Wish you luck in your future jams, i'll be sure to check them out. Hope that helped! Peace!

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Thank u brother

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Hey V8, I used to have the jump set to the up button, but that conflicted with being able to hold up to attack upwards. The buttons are configurable, there is a file in appdata/local/white, the file is called (something like) controller_config.ini, and you can change the letters that the actions are bound to. Hope that helps, if all else fails, the best way to play is with a controller 


Thanks a ton for the bug report, uh, FartSparkle. Love how detailed it is, this is really useful. For a jam game, there's bound to be a few things like this so I'm sure it'll be ok being left alone for now, unless there's a big bulk of bugs to fix and roll out all at once. 

But, in future when I (maybe) update this game, I'll fix this! Thanks for the report, chief! And thank you for the kind words <3

Hey, it's uh, just me! And I'm not sure? I guess beta? Like this is it for now, but I may add more stuff in future.

I played this quite a while ago (its been so long and it's always stuck with me), but I just saw it again and wanted to say that this game is great! I absolutely loved this game. Each individual story is great, and it's both beautiful and chilling at all the right moments. Personally, one of the most enjoyable games that's been created from this engine. Great work!

Hey Waffle! Thanks so much for playing, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

For this game, I used Gamemaker. I know it has a bad rep (because of the optional drag-and-drop interface, which nobody really uses), but out of the many engines I am good with, this is by far the most comfortable and intuitive to use for 2D games. Very powerful if you know how to use it! (see Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, one of my favourite games.)

I learned to make games from home, using the free time that I get after (UK) college. I personally think best way to learn is to pick up an engine that looks cool and play around with it, and try and figure stuff out for yourself. Get familiar with the interface and make many very very simple things until you get the hang of it. If you discover something yourself, you're way more likely to remember how to do it, and what the logic is behind it. It'll stick with you much longer than any info you'll get from a tutorial. But, tutorials are really good for very specific things where you have no idea where to start or hit a roadblock. My favourite online tutors are Shaun Spalding (for GMStudio 1/2) and Sebastian Lague (for Unity + Blender). Both of these guys have been super super helpful when stuck in specific situations.

But, there's no better way to learn than first-hand! If you enjoy and want to make 2D games, Gamemaker (or Love2D if you're super confident and also like things being free), if you want to get more serious and make 3D things, Unity is great, but that comes with the daunting challenge of learning C# and the Unity Scripting API.

Once you've got the hang of an engine, joining jams like this is fantastic. You'll learn a lot, have fun, and have an audience for your games.
But, anyway, the best way to learn something, is to go and do it! So good luck! And thanks again!

Love this

Hey Alpha! Sorry for the late reply, but I'd suggest try using 7-Zip to unpackage the rar, since that's what I used to package it.

Here's a link, it's free. If problems continue, please let me know, I'll try and find a way around it. Thanks!

That's really strange, I packaged it with 7zip, so if all else fails, try extracting it with that program and it should work! (here's a link, it's free)

This entire video is awesome, I loved this! Thanks so much for your thoughts and compliments about the game too. I really did want to add a boss, (the thumbnail was part of concept art for the boss) but I didn't have enough time to add it before the jam deadline. I'm gonna maybe revamp this game in future, add some levels and maybe a few bosses.

Awesome video, watched your other stuff and you're great, subbed. Thanks for playing!

Hey! really sorry that I forgot to mention this, the game uses a few simple shaders and needs directx runtime.

If you're on Windows, try installing this -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

Hope that helps, tell me if there are any other problems! If errors continue, I'd happily make a fix! Thank you

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I followed both your accounts after you commented, I saw it and I love it so freaking much you have no idea. (my acc is private, @bedstuck) Thank you bless you, this is so good!!!

Replied to JamSnack in White comments

True, I thought it was super easy after I updated it but I just thought that was because I've had tons of playtime in this game lmao. A lot of people thought it was much too hard (practically impossible) when I dished out the first version, so I made it easier. A bit too easy, lmao. I'm gonna do a post-jam update of this game some time, and hopefully have difficulty selection, cooler endings, better progression and maybe a boss fight. But hey, thanks a ton for playing and helping out!

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Thank you so much! Glad you liked it, and hell yeah you can oh my god yes



This game feels wayyy too responsive for pico-8. I'm surprised at how fluid you made it feel. Really good, love it