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I am currently working on other character sprites as well as the prologue script. I also just finished a background. :-)

This is the first character I have created. His name is Damen and he is one of the four warriors that rescues you. He often appears harsh and even unkind at times. This is paired with a biting sense of humor. Despite this, he is not a cruel man. Simply difficult. He is an expert archer that sports a steel face plate and mechanical left eye. You don't know how he came to have that eye but perhaps you will one day learn?

This is how he will appear in-game and he will also have various facial expressions as well as a battle stance.

Damen Sprite (complete) by BeautyThorned

Hello all! I've been a long time lurker but this will be my first time posting. I'm super awkward and never quite know what to say on things like this so apologies up-front! I'm very excited to announce the visual novel/otome that I am currently working on. "The Emperor's Captive." It's still in it's very early stages but the story is already laid out.
I am adapting this from a quiz series I've created that has received some positive feedback.
If you're interested in that, the link will be here:
Now, the quiz series is not yet complete. While the story itself is already complete, my time is divided and I currently only have three parts of the quiz posted. Part four is near completion.
The basic premise is that you are a young woman living in the ancient city of Taoyan. The city's ruler has just been overthrown and executed by the ruthless Emperor of a nearby land. As this new emperor takes an interest in you, your life is thrown into chaos. His soldiers destroy your home as they try to capture you and you are forced to flee. Four warriors suddenly appear and rescue you. They take you on a journey to keep you out of the emperor's clutches but all the while you are hunted by the emperor's army and a demon that appears to be doing his bidding. On your journey you will discover more about the emperor, the warriors, and even yourself.
The otome will have some differences to make it more suitable as a visual novel experience so it will not be exactly like the quiz series. I am hoping to have six love interests in the otome with two endings each.
On here I will be sharing my progress along with screenshots, character designs, etc. I will try to update regularly.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope you will check back as I update this log!