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Hi, thanks for playing and your feedback :) is the problem you mention on the web, windows or android version? Also is it when the full song plays or also for just one completed loop? I'm not currently able to work on the game, but when I have time to look at it  again I'll take a look at that problem. Thanks~

Hey, thanks for playing the game and giving feedback :)

When I have time again, I'm planning to make some quality of life adjustments to the game that hopefully should improve that issue.

Thanks very much :)

Hi thanks for the feedback :) I agree about the first notes being hard and frustrating to hit. I'm planning on implementing something to improve that as soon as I have some time.

So the inspiration behind the game was youtube playlists/channels like the video below.

I haven't released the music from the game yet, but I'm planning on uploading it to soundcloud at some point in the future. I can let you know once that happens.

Hey thanks so much for doing a playthrough video! I really appreciate it :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, You got through quick! 

Thank you :)

Hi thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Ah ok nice idea, thanks for letting me know :)

Hi thanks for the feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I agree about the difficulty of hitting the first note, however as the other commentor said adding space to the start of the track might not be optimal. Instead I am planning to have the notes move down the screen rather than the bar move up (similar to guitar hero or other rhythm games), that way you should always be able to see the upcoming notes, rather than having this big jump back to the start of the section.

Thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, unfortunately I'm pretty busy nowadays, but when I have time I am planning on adding more sections to the game~

Hi thank you for the feedback and suggestion :) I agree that hitting the first note is tricky and can be frustrating, especially as you have to wait the whole bar to try again if you miss it. I'm planning on changing the game, so instead of the bar moving, the notes would fall down the screen instead (like in most rhythm games, guitar hero etc...)  so players should have more time to anticipate the first note. Hopefully that should address that problem.

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback and making a playthrough video! :) I really appreciate it. 

I was wondering, the green squares around the instruments, is that an artifact of the screen capture or did it look like that on your device?

Thank you ^ㅅ^

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Awesome that's so cool, thanks! :)

Hi, thank you so much for playing the game and making a video!  It's sooo cool you did a vocal arrangement of track! :) I enjoyed the use of the sound effects in there. Did you extract the individual tracks from the game files, or did you build the different sections in the game itself? Thanks for the kind feedback too, I'm currently on the busy side but I'm hoping to expand/ refine the game soon.

Thank you~ :)

Thanks~ :)

Hey! Thanks so much for making a video of the game! (I like the thumbnail you made btw) It's always really helpful to see people play. Sorry the game was stressful, the idea was to create a relaxed atmosphere, but I think the difficulty is still too high for that. I'm still working on ways to improve that :). 

Thanks for the video Jupiter :)

Hi, thanks for playing the game! Also thanks for the feedback, I'll look more into getting the game to feel tighter :)

Hey thanks, so much for playing the game and your kind feedback :) It is much appreciated! I'm working on polishing the game a little more (I rotated the board, as you mentioned having to turn the keyboard/ monitor sideways is not ideal), once the core loop is a little better I'll look to add more content :)

Hi, I made a couple of changes that should make the game a little less hard. I was wondering, if you have time, whether you could give the game another go and see what you think of the difficulty now please? Thanks :)

Hi, I've made a couple of changes that should make the game a little easier. If you have could you please try the game again and see what you think of the difficulty now?

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Thanks for the feedback Xavier :) I also think the hidden object part of the game could do with expansion. I'll look into improving the first note thing, I think that's a common problem and quite frustrating as if you miss it you have to wait until it loops round to do have a chance of completing it.  Also I'll work on getting the timing  to feel tighter.

Hi, thanks for playing and your kind feedback! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I'll look into the bug you mentioned with the break in the music loop. I believe its similar in both the desktop and browser versions so I'll try and figure out what's causing that.

I like the idea of a longer game with several scenes linked together. I also had something similar in mind. I'm currently trying to polish the gameplay loop a bit more, I think it still a bit difficult/unintuitive. But after that I'll look into expanding the content.

Thanks again for the feedback :)

Hi, thanks for trying the game and the feedback. I'll look into ways to decrease the difficulty :)

Hi, thanks for playing the game and the feedback. :) I didn't realize quite how hard the game could be. I also noticed that people particularly struggled mapping the horizontal notes to the keys, so I'll try vertical alignment and see if that helps :)

Hi thanks so much for doing a playthrough on camera! It was great to see someone play the game! Thanks for letting me know you had a problem with the start note bug and pointing out the one in the bass track. I've made a fix to both of these and updated the file :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Amazing! Everything fitted together super well thematically, really enjoyed it! Minor thing would be to show the controls at the beginning rather than have it as a separate item in the menu.  Also the character movement and attacks felt a little clunky. 

Overall, Loved it :)

Nice Game! I really liked the concept, also I thought the main character animation was very cool! I found it a bit frustrating having to start from the beginning each time I died, seeing that the levels were quite long, maybe some sort of checkpoint would be nice. Also some animations for the enemies would be nice. Overall, really enjoyed it :)

I thought the game was pretty good. I liked the character designs. I think a big thing it would have benefited from would be more sound effects, for example on getting hurt, jumping on an enemy, collecting the diamonds/ freeing the notes. Also maybe a clear end of game screen, I wasn't sure that I had completed it at the end. Overall, I think it could do with some fleshing out, slightly more complex mechanics, and slightly more well defined/distinct themes for each  world. 

Nice job :)

Hi, I though this was great! I really like the atmosphere of this game, especially the sound and character designs. I think it's got great potential! I have a list of things that I noticed while playing that I thought might be helpful.

1. Zoom level, at least when I play the game in chrome the window is bigger than my screen and I had to zoom out in the browser. Also in the actual window itself I felt a bit too zoomed in on the character so it became difficult to understand the environment around me.

2. Character Control, it seemed to me like you were using a physics based character controller (although I could be wrong here), this lead to a few things that felt a little clunky. e.g. sticking to walls, sliding off platforms , jerky movement when going up and down moving platforms. I think if you switched to a custom physics based controller you could get some more responsive movement. There's a unity tutorial for that here in case you're interested: , but it might be a bit of work to switch (I had a similar problem when I tried making a platformer)

3. Navigation, because the camera is so tight on the character and the environment is dark, it's hard to know where to go, I found myself backtracking and going the wrong way very often which lead to frustration. I thought it might be good if there was some sort of mini map. Or a clearer indication we had already been to an area (maybe the towers, change colour...) Or simply a counter for how many notes we still need to collect in a level. I'm not sure  what the best solution would be but in any case I think it's difficult to find your way around the levels and this could be improved.

4. Minor Points, 1. it's not clear which blocks are foreground and which you can actually stand on. This lead me to think I was stuck below in the first level when I fell down. (There's a block on the left that you can walk through but looks like it makes the platform too high to jump on). 2. A Sfx for collecting a note + one for collecting all the notes would be nice. 3. I also expected to immediately teleport back once I had collected all the notes, and I struggled to find the door, but I think that comes down to navigation again. 4. I also found that the ringing when text is sped up becomes a little grating.  5. Also a general point would be, I think it might be better to concentrate on one (or two) levels first (for a game jam at least), but make sure playing these feels really good, as I found the number of levels a bit too much, given some were a little frustrating to complete.

Most of these things come down to polish or quality of life stuff. I understand that it's still in development and I think that fundamentally it's got the components of a great game. I hope you find some of that feedback helpful. (Sorry for the big wall of text) :)

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Thought the game was great! If a little difficult :)

I especially liked the music and the screen shake on the key hits, very satisfying

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