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Wow congrats! That really is a lot! Nice job :)

Great, thanks for getting back to me! I didn't think about players  just spamming keys too much, so I'll think about how to handle that behaviour a bit more. Thanks again for the feedback and the kind words, I really appreciate it :)

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Hey, no need to say sorry, thanks so much for taking the time to play the game and giving such detailed feedback!

I iterated on the rhythm panel quite a lot as I wanted to try and make this part of the game feel as good as possible, so I'm grateful for your suggestions to help improve this.

Regarding the points you raised:

1. I'll think about this, I want it to be easy for the player to internalize how many misses it takes before the notes reset, rather than have this vary too much between instruments. I'm also ok with the first few instruments being quite easy and forgiving, so I might not change this too much.

2. I'm on board with this one. In your suggestion do you mean that it should wait until the end of the section before switching or just that the last note should finish playing before switching? The reason I did it like this is that I thought the player would not realize they had completed the section and continue to try and input notes. However I think it would be better to do as you suggest and also think of a way of showing visually that the instrument is completed after hitting the last note. 

3. I'm with you on this one too. I will try doing the screen bounce with just the background, I can definitely see how the rhythm bar moving makes things awkward for the player. Maybe I'll also experiment with smaller bouncing for the transparent notes, as I still want it to feel somewhat good to hit these.

Thanks for the suggestions, they were very helpful :)

Thank you! I'm glad you had a good time :)

Thank you :)

I really loved the game! :) A couple of things I would have liked to see are:

Checkpoints. This was particularly the case on the last level of chapter 1, and/or a reset button, as when I got hit near the beginning of the level I wanted to reset to full life so I could try the trickier section without worrying . Also instantly dying or teleporting to a checkpoint after falling into a spike pits would be nice as usually it's quite hard to get out so I just ended up dying more slowly. I think either warping back to a checkpoint before the spikes with one heart missing or resetting the whole level would be good (I'd prefer the checkpoint option). 

Other things I would have liked to see:

  • Clearer keyboard controls - there are a lot of possible keyboard configurations but I find it difficult to internalize which buttons do what. I think it would make more sense to group the chew gum and blow gum together and (maybe on k and l) and then map jump either to W/up key or the space bar. There were a few times when I died from jumping instead of blowing gum.
  • Hearts reset to full on new level (Seems like I currently keep hearts from previous level)
  • Faster gum chewing time
  • I found chapter 2 too difficult... And it became frustrating to try again from the start
  • A small thing it seemed like you should be able to walk under spikes after they shoot up but that also injures you

Anyway those are just my thoughts, all in all I thought it was a cool concept, well executed and a lovely experience ^^

Hi, thanks so much for playing the game and the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you :) There are more levels on the way~

Thanks! ^^

Thank you :) Glad you liked it~

Hi, so glad you enjoyed the game and the music! :) I am planning on making more levels, the plan is to have around ~10 in total.

Thank you so much ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it~

[LoFi Room] New Level Added!

Find all the instruments and build a LoFi Hip-Hop beat in this Hidden Object and Rhythm Game.

Play it now

Thank you! ^^

Thanks :)

Thank you for playing :) and thanks for the feedback~

Thank you~ :)

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Bouncy Wouncy Spider is a simple physics game where you bounce around to make the biggest web possible. It was created for the extra credits game jam #4 in 4 days with the theme: Connect. The game features detailed animation and calming ambient music. 

For a relaxed and bouncy time: Play it now

Hey, thanks for playing :) and the kind feedback~

Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it

Hey thanks for playing and the positive feedback :) I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! :) I'm glad you liked it. 

Also thanks for letting me know about the sound effects. To try and figure out what's going on can I ask what browser you used please? I tried it on my computer and the sfx came from both sides, also is it just the sfx or also the music as well that's just on the left?

Wow you truly are the bounciest bug! I'm impressed, I think I got up to around 300 once while developing that's why I added the message, but I didn't think 342 was possible. 

Yes the comment section seems to be good as a score board for now, I'm not sure how best to implement that either, usually when I've done it before I used the google play services APIs to log the score and then they manage the rest... Maybe something like that would be nice for itchio in the future too.

Nice! Thanks for playing :) and thanks for the feedback~

Nice, thought it was both fun and funny :) Also thought the tone increase on the sfx was a nice touch.

Good Job

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Hi liked the concept of the game. As other people said I wasn't sure what to do after matching the first 4 cables, I figured it out after reading the intro text more closely. I think it would help to have a photo of the arrow key or an image that looks more like the arrow key itself above the wires.  But something that I really think would help is instead of having a screen full of text to explain the game you could add a simple graphic, maybe just take a screenshot of the game and label what you should do with each bit. (e.g. "click and drag to port" for the cable end images). Also I'd suggest have a timer at the bottom so the player knows how much time they have left.

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Hi, thought the game was great :) Visuals were really nice. I found 4 flags in 2 tries. 

Some small things I personally would like for the game are:

  • No time limit, I would like to try and complete the game but I found it a bit frustrating to go back and do the bits I've already done when trying to figure out new things.
  • Initially I found it overwhelming, there is a lot of text  in the beginning and it's hard to read it all/understand what to do quickly. I had the same thing on the binary page. I think it would be nice to start with just one page, or one page + the life hacks page with a simple puzzle before opening up the other pages.
  • Different mouse feedback for clicking with screwdriver or zap: maybe a sound effect + visual effect. Sometimes I wasn't sure which ones I was using/ tried using before on that page.

All in all though thought it was great :)

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Good Job on getting procedural generation working in a short time! I'd be interested to see how you did it, if you're interested maybe you could do a small dev blog on the process?

As other people have said, I think the scope may have been a bit too big for such a short game jam. But nevertheless I think trying out something like proc gen in a jam is a cool learning experience!

Playing this made me think of a few videos I really like on building games, I thought you might find them interesting too:

  • A talk on making 2D shooters feel cool: here
  • Creator of Spelunky on making games and a bit of procedural generation: here
  • Talk on making sound effects (I very much liked your shooting sfx :) ): here
  • Also if you're interested in a simple way of working on the visuals of your game I would recommend thinking a bit more about how you choose colors. Personally I found this video on the subject very helpful.

Hope some of them are useful to you and good job on the game :)

Hey 245, nice job! Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed the music + visuals. :) The web drawing rules are a bit tricky, basically you can connect to any line, wall and dot as long as the distance between the two is above a certain length. I'll see if I can come up with ways of showing that a bit more clearly.

Hi thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the audio and visuals.  :)

The score is determined by the number of lines in the web. The dots are random connection points for you to build a web on, but at the moment they don't seem to have a very big functional impact on gameplay. (It seems that bouncing wall to wall regardless of the dots is about the same as aiming for the dots, although I could be wrong on that). So I'm going to look at ways to make them matter more and make the goal a bit clearer.

Hi, thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it. I'm with you on the interaction thing, I had hoped to add more variations (that's what the black dots are for, random connection points) but I ran out of time. The basic mechanic turned out to be harder to implement than I thought. But I'm going to have a think and write a devlog on the process so far and expansions for the future.

Hey thanks! I'm glad you liked the animation, it was my first time building an animation in Unity so I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. I used this video to guide me through the process. The black dots are used as connections points to build your web on. I'll try and think of a way to explain/show what they are for in the game.

Hi, thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for your suggestions, I thought of adding randomized branches instead of allowing web on the walls to vary the gameplay more between tries, but I ran out of time. I'll try and organize my thoughts on future expansions and put it in a devlog soon.

Hi thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, 271 is an impressive score :) I'll try out your game for sure.

Hey thanks for playing, I'm glad you like the art and music. Also, thanks for the feedback on the dots I'll try and figure out a way to show/explain what they are used for.

Hi thanks for the kind feedback. I'm glad you liked the atmosphere, I try and put in a lot of effort to that part of the game. :) A few people have mentioned the controls being intuitively the other way, I'll try and figure out the best solution to that in the future. I'm planning to do a devlog soon on my thoughts and ideas for improvements.

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227 is pretty respectable I think! Thanks for playing the game

Hi, thanks for playing! Also thanks for the feedback on the controls, that's been mentioned a few times. Also thanks for finding that problem on Edge I just tried it out and I got the same thing. I'll see if there's some way of fixing that, but I think it's a problem with how Edge handles dragged clicks on unity web games in general. I'll add it to the list of known bugs.

Hi, thanks so much for the positive feedback :) I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Also thanks for the feedback on the confusing start, a few people have mentioned that. I also think a highscore system would be cool, I'm curious what the best scores are!

I'm planning on doing a devlog on the planned improvements etc soon.

Thanks for playing :) I'm glad you liked the art. Thanks for the feedback on the dragging/ aiming being unclear. I also think the controls can be somewhat unintuitive (also judging from the other comments I've got so far). I'm planning on doing a devlog on what I wasn't able to put in for the jam and improvements I'd like to make in future.