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this makes me so happy :)

Since this is twitch-integrated, the experience isn't the same by itself. If you want to play it with a crowd, I'll be streaming Tuesday and Wednesday nights (~6 CST). Give me a follow so you know when to check in!


You may have already watched it, but the VOD is up at

The summary is you had really cute characters, and I like the escalation in environments (island to lava to underground), but the mechanics / difficulty are pretty stagnant. The midi soundtrack doesn't really match the pixel aesthethic. I enjoyed the platforming, but I just wish it had a bit more meat.

Yarr! I played your game live, the vod is at 1hr 18 min

I accidentally muted myself halfway in, but I give a summary of my thoughts at the end.

The summary is that the rules could be telegraphed a bit better, and sometimes the choices aren't very significant, but it was pretty zen to just go through it

So far, my best score is 61 shots to beat all holes.

I really want to love this as a puzzle game, but it plays more like a movement optimization game.

I played it live at (1 hr 36 min in)

Ooh, I love fast-paced puzzles! I played this live at (1 hr, 26 mins in)

Love the atmosphere, but it does ramp up very slow. I played this live at (70 minutes in)

I like some of the small touches you did! I played this live at (50 minutes in)

Love the premise! I played this live at (40 minutes in)

Thanks! I made a couple different versions before deciding on this look, which I thought worked well for how simple it was. All my other tries came out looking too noisy

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Very nice and calming game! The only thing I don't like is the slots-like sound effect when the ship is moving...

This is definitely a contender to win!

Nice! I had a big problem though where my mouse wasn't locked to the screen so I kept accidentally clicking outside the game

Love this!

Really fun game! Great job!

Really cool!

Great puzzle, I love it! This could easily have won first

Very nice and cute game! I enjoyed it,

My only thought is that the invisible walls on the sides took me out, it would be cool if it could loop infinitely like the seasons,

Great job!


Fun puzzle!

me too

The battle doesn't seem to be working for me?  The attack buttons arent doing anything, and it doesnt look like hes fighting, eiither.

Really cool! Great idea

I was tapping

Originally I had a longer story, but I realized that it would mean I would have to write exponentially more, since each new line is a branching point, and all stories have to flow together. Writing it was more challenging than I expected!

Oh man, this may be my favorite game of the jam, well done! It's fun to play and feels right. I wish the difficulty would escalate, but it's really good!

It's actually really zen! Good job!

I didn't like the controls very much, I wish I had better vertical input and it would be nice to be able to keep track of the nightmares while they were off camera. Besides that, though, I liked the core loop you have!

I really like what this is doing! I got stuck at level 9, but I had fun on the way. I think with a bit more work and some polish you could go further with this!

I really wantd to like this, but it feels awkward and floaty to play. Especially when you hit a wall in the middle of a jump and lose all your momentum. I do like the maze-like feel to some of the levels!

I only seem to be able to shoot once, and then I can't do anything but run?

I like the oldschool feel, and the particle effects are cool! The movement felt a bit laggy, though,

I like it! My biggest complaint was that I couldn't figure out to turn off the light to start.

I think you could get a lot of mileage from a moving background, right now it looks like things are just falling instead of you moving forward.

The most pressing issue is the tiny window. I couldn't see anything normally, so I had to make it fullscreen, which made it kind of blurry. The other big problem is that it isn't clear exactly what you are doing, even with the instructions.

It doesn't really feel like jousting, it feels like everything is coming at you instead of a knight bravely charging forward.

This guy!! He is my dude!! I love him!

Really cool idea, and I like your use of colors! I was confused as to how to enter the other two dreams at first, as well.

This could be a good framework for a puzzle game. I agree that I don't think the timer is necessary, and right now there really isn't any feedback except the score count. I think the color scheme is a bit hard on the eyes, too. I do like the premise though.

Is the download OSX only? I can't figure out how to run it!

My first thought was that it was very simple, but I liked the variety from the ball and onward - I think it just started out a little weak. The death transition is very jarring, and it took me two lives to realize I had to avoid he red. It would also be nice if there was a quicker way to restart.

Cool game!

Let me know if you finish this, I'd like to try it

! I also reuploaded the file, if you're still interested.