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that is totally planned for the ~final version~ (the multiple scenarios based on how good you are to your plant!) and aw I'm so glad the pacing around the room feeling worked out! that's something I super wanted to achieve with the game :') thank you so much!!! <3

oh nooo!!! ): a bug we've fixed for the final release, but the jam version is still broken ):

that's where we ran out of time :') that will come in the finished version i think :D thank you so much for playing!!

ah! you know what. that makes sense. i'll look into fixing that. :D thank you!!

oh no!!!! that's a new bug. i'll look into that- yeah we're gonna finish it :D thank you!

thank you so much!!!! <3!! we're gonna aim to release a proper version within the next couple of weeks :)

thank you so much :) :) :)

thank you damiki :D

wah thank you <3 <3

that's so kind of you thank you :D

thank you so much!!! <3 <3

sadly we ran out of time and couldn't finish the ending meaning yes it just fades to black </3 thank you so much though!