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Thanks! I'll be entering as a one man team and I don't have any programmers :/ 

Is playmaker allowed?  

Mr tuba's running animation was hilariously good. Had fun playing the game wish it was more of a sandbox instead.

Clean mechanics, loved the use of papa roach with the theme good stuff.

The commentary was great haha

good, at least you felt somewhat drunk haha thanks for playing!

Thank you! I gave it my best :)

thanks it was fun! will do.

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Sorry for the lack of instructions gentleman. I ran out of time D: The point of the game is to achieve a  domino effect by passing your drunkness on to one person and theyll to the next upon bumping. Its not the best but given the time i had i tried my best! (also my first game jam ever)  Thanks for playing ! :)

You should've never given me an option to choose why I was with the BF that threw EVERYTHING off for me :/