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i really hope you continue these! seems like now days the tilesets and characters need to compromise a universe of themselves to be able to use in games

that was awesome! thanks for sharing this

nice work as always!


very unique. had me glued cause i wanted to see what was going to happen next xD

the SE were really good too

the pixel art is amazing! i liked the music changes and everything, well done :D

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edit: double posted, oops

nice work!

she pokes a piece of him and eats it, so randomly funny lol

cool to see this! ive been learning unity lately about 43% done with ben and ricks 2D udemy course xD

i got CT vibes when it showed the lights lighting up around the sword, nice job!

glad you enjoyed it :D

cool story! the struggle is real

lol thanks

ohhh, even better!

that was awesome. im not gonna lie that filter used on the rtp characters actually make them look 10x better xD

awesome, thanks :D

really cool battle system you have here. i havent played much card style games but that was fun

very cool, loved the theme

Be afraid... be veeeery afraid... 😉

I got 10/20 :D thats about my vision

Thanks! And yeah ill definitely try your game out, it looks fun

Thank you!

Awesome, thank you! Yeah, one big map probably not the most unique way to adhere to the themexD

Great feedback! The more I think of it, I really wish I would have been more aware of the player experience and had added more landmarks with possibly some style of map. I guess that is the ultimate point of these jams, to learn and gain insights! :D

Awesome, thanks! 

I'm glad to hear it was relaxing. I aimed for a fun, upbeat survival adventure, however I didn't want to hand hold the player through it, especially since it's such a short game :D 

Also, just got done playing your game, very fun!

loved it man, godot 4tw

i agree this is a great idea, run with it! !!!! one big desert !!!! one big desert !!!! one big desert !!!! one big desert

loved that art style!

reminded me of mario party, so fun

very interesting xD

haha i played against myself! good times

Very cool game!

Haha thanks! I'm sure you knew but you can hit cancel/esc for the menu to use a coconut for more health. I wasn't really clear on that so I'll post this here in case :D

I did one huge map xD

Thanks :D