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No problem!

One of the best assets you can get for GMS2,  it's very much worth your time to learn the art of a FSM.

Fun little game!

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I had this issue too, I only had to put self. in these sections of both the the tile_meeting and tile_meeting_precise scripts:

I also had to adjust the script some to include the whole wrapper for some reason, like this (with the end brace down at bottom ofcourse):

I had to adjust the spr_wall_tile_frames origin to be Top-Left also.

Thanks Human, I appreciate the comments. This was by far the riskiest story concept I've done and probably would never do again. I was so focused on making the boomer concept work I may have overstepped a bound or two.

Thanks Cloud!

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Thanks! The game started with high aspirations to keep track of score and time, but quickly fell into a 'survive for 5min with an epic last stand'. xD

Thank you!

I'm a sucker for Time Fantasy assets, nice twist the typical tower defense!

Very fun,  bouncy stars galore xD

Enjoyed this alot!

Was this looks incredible, I can tell a lot of work was put into this one!

If anyone is having issues starting the game, make a new folder outside the folder this zip comes with and put all the game files into it. It will start right up, it has to do with some user PC's not being able to read the folder the game is in (hope this helps someone xD).

Ahh ok I missed it then, I'll give it another go, thanks xD

Awesome! Great minds think a like XD

They do haha, was aiming for that apocalyptic feeling.

Haha well thank you, I'm going to check out the games today!

The music and art is top notch! Sadly my inputs were getting stuck for some reason (couldn't attack or throw after 1-2 uses). Can totally see this though as a full game!

What a cool idea, art appreciation + video game, brilliant!

Absolutely loved the demo, keep it up DrattzyGames! Here is my playthrough as Pyra:

Good idea! Hehe

No problem!

Thank you!!!!

What's crazy is there is over 350 of them in the sample projects alone haha. I'd like to get a community pack going also, where us devs can donate our own custom particles we have made and found useful and then compile them in a separate 'Community Particle Pack'.

^ This guy did majority of the music xD 

Jeeeez, this looked and played amazing! Loved the battle system, nice work!

Thoroughly enjoyed this, clever battle system!

Thank you! 

Ohhh dang, it does lol xD

Insanely good game ELV, everything was on point!

Awesome! Haha, thanks for playing!

Very cool art style, hope it continues!

The level visuals were incredible!

Your games are really unique. Love the premise of the attacking. Really glad you added the diagonal dashing, made it even more interesting.

You can tell a lot of time was put into this game, thanks GG!

Clever way to use RM battlers haha, very cool!

I liked the idea of the individual fights in the stages and random battles. I couldn't figure out how to beat stage 2, pretty hard haha.

Loved the graphics and gameplay, hope you continue this!

Really well done and as others have said the visuals are amazing!

This was awesome!