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Thank you!!!!

What's crazy is there is over 350 of them in the sample projects alone haha. I'd like to get a community pack going also, where us devs can donate our own custom particles we have made and found useful and then compile them in a separate 'Community Particle Pack'.

^ This guy did majority of the music xD 

Jeeeez, this looked and played amazing! Loved the battle system, nice work!

Thoroughly enjoyed this, clever battle system!

Thank you! 

Ohhh dang, it does lol xD

Insanely good game ELV, everything was on point!

Awesome! Haha, thanks for playing!

Very cool art style, hope it continues!

The level visuals were incredible!

Your games are really unique. Love the premise of the attacking. Really glad you added the diagonal dashing, made it even more interesting.

You can tell a lot of time was put into this game, thanks GG!

Clever way to use RM battlers haha, very cool!

I liked the idea of the individual fights in the stages and random battles. I couldn't figure out how to beat stage 2, pretty hard haha.

Loved the graphics and gameplay, hope you continue this!

Really well done and as others have said the visuals are amazing!

This was awesome!

Lol off the hook as usual, haha. Loved it!

Always a pleasure playing this game, keep it up Abs!

I always enjoy your games JubiCat. This is a great continuation of your other games. I particular like the difficulty progress of your levels!

The improvement from the last entry is 100%. I was able to clear it with the yellow hoody dude and it was overall pretty fun haha. That person with the pole was the hardest fight of them all haha. Once I realized I had to be more patient I was able to win it. I did notice once I found the glory move it was up to my positioning. For a game like this I think the hitboxes need to be near the legs only? Overall though I had a good time!

The visuals and theatrics are top notch! It was very challenging, I couldn't make it past first level after several attempts xD

Really enjoyed this Jay!

This graphics style has a ton of potential, keep it going!

Thank you! Yes, this game was created specifically for the jam. It was an idea I've been wanting to try out for awhile, but never got around to it. This jam gave me motivation to try it out. SS of the project folder timestamp:

Thanks man, looking forward to playing yours!

Well done!

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I was stuck too, then I realized, I didn't capitalize the words xD CAPS ON!!! hehe

Wow, thanks for the review and glad you enjoyed it!

Haha awesome, thank you for playing! I can't believe you nailed the death pit level (flying downward) on your first try, nice work!

They just announced yesterday you can update builds!

Still amazed you pulled this off with the tileset perspective AND like 2 weeks development time haha. Well done man! That goblin boss thing kicks my butt xD

Hahaha Will, this was awesome. That final boss xD A++++

Duuuuuuuude Z-termination is basically a full fledge game at this point hahah. That was an awesome experience! The jetpack was a little hard to use and the bosses were rough until you master the dodge roll lol, but all the upgrades and weapons were fun and felt powerful. Well done!

This was loads of fun, me and my daughter played and we really liked the different atmospheres and feel of the game! I got to the boss and died, boss was fair enough I just was low life when I got there haha. Great work Zetasis!!

HOLY MOLY Hellcat Livs! I cannot begin to say how impressive this is. Your game design, player experience, and overall theme is like 100% on point. Well done man, much kudos.

Another masterpiece Beenbaba! My nostalgia levels are overflowing, it's so good.

This game was enjoyable!

Wow, I love the update!