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Aha, that might be the issue! Not being in beta. I'll try that.

Mistakenly sent a reply on this topic to the author, when I was intending to send to you.

I've been getting errors about unexpected symbols and malformed assignments in 'PreCreate'-- is that related to the resource manipulation work you mention here? I am new to GMEdit so I'm not sure what's what just yet.

Sorry that I'm a little late to this post, just started using GMEdit, hoping for some clarification

I keep getting errors about malformed assignments in PreCreate-- is this because of the break in 'creating resources' that SnoutUp is mentioning here?

I am editing a project file that I've been working on in a long time in the regular IDE.

Is there a way to disable whatever GMEdit is doing to the 'PreCreate' (or as GMEdit calls it, 'Properties')? Can I just not open/not edit that part somehow?  Seems unlikely but...

Well I'd like to use GMEdit but I don't want it to break all of my variable definitions!

You bet! Can't wait to see what other retro style games this guy puts out :P

Really? That's great!

I don't want to spoil too many of the game's mechanics (unless you genuinely want to know), but I ought to say that if you can kill 10 werewolves (after your comment about reaching stage 6), things get a little more interesting :)

The ultimate goal is to kill 100...

This was a really fun letsplay. I really enjoyed it!

Loved your lets play. Fun. Would love to see more footage if you get further in the game.

This game is amazing. Beautiful graphics & music, minimalistic but totally engaging, yet casual enough to play while you chat with friends once you get in a flow state.

I prefer the Android version personally-- it has a Leaderboard feature which is really cool. I recommend that anyone who enjoys the PC version and can access it on Android try that-- I'd love to see more people on those Leaderboards and get some community competition going.