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Juan Bautista

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Hi there!

Overall the game is pretty fun, and the concept is really cool. I liked the music a lot (specially the one in the final level), makes it way more intense. The dash feels really good and the level design is really interesting. Sound design is nice too.

Now, the physics kind of make the game quite more tough and painful than it actually is.
- The ceiling corner adjusting feels way too excessive, and usually makes most jumps a nightmare to control, specially in tiny gaps. (For example, Stage 11 at the start of second checkpoint, you must take like a lot of time to properly do either a good dash into the top platform, or jump and not get either corner adjusted into the wall of spikes, or pushed back down.)

- Floor corner adjust also feels weird sometimes, making some jumps really hard to control or make you slide when trying to land. Paired with the really low air control makes a lot of sections way harder and frustrating (like Stage 20 top-most section)

- Sometimes you get a lot of missing inputs, specially jumps (This might also be related to the floor corner thing, since you usually will start sliding earlier and you cant jump off from this state). Some other times you're just running, and try to jump and won't get registered. Other times you're holding jump and a direction and the dash won't get registered.

Still, a quite fun game, I'd love to see more gameplay fix updates.

I think A, D, and Backspace are quite of rough at first but it can get more comfortable than Left, Right, Backspace (which might feel a little bit tight) in my opinion. It also might depend on the speed and pace of the game probably?

But yeah, i agree with bispinosa

Hi everyone :D I'm Juanba, nice to meet you. I mostly make music and sound FX, but i want to learn programming in Unity (though i don't know if I'm gonna try it this jam :((). I only participated on Global Game Jams as sound/music designer, its the only approach I did to doing stuff for games.

I'm joining the jam since I need to push myself somehow to make music otherwise I'll get stalled :( and it's a great opportunity to meet new people, make games, and have fun :p.

Whilst I'm joining with friends team, if you need help with anything sound related don't hesitate to ask me :D or if you need any soundtrack (or even testing games). Here's my soundcloud.

Good luck for everyone in the jam, hope we all get along c:

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I could try doing some music/sfx if you wish, it'd be fun :p 

Not like i can do that much though but still :<

Hi there, if anyone is bored and will actually do a game for the jam, here's a music and sfx composer :) A bit newbie but stillllllllllll

I wonder what the theme will actually be. I guess it's too late for the jam host to appear :p

No me deja mandar mensaje! :(

Intenta mandarme al mio


Estuve pensando en algun par de ideas, pero no se me ocurrio mucho la verdad. Pero, ya que estamos me ofrezco como diseñador de sonido / compositor, por si se necesita (?