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Sadly i don't think i will :p. i already have a game i'm working on that started from a game jam

Thank you very much. if you want to check out Riptide the person that made the music then here's a link to his youtube channel ;D

Yeah they gave one more hour for submitting not for working on the game.

Thank you for your nice comment :D. The amount of arrows you get from killing a zombie is 3 and it takes 2 to kill a zombie. Maybe i should have made it so zombies only drop 3 arrows 50% of the time And 2 for the other 50%. i also should have made the player only starts with 4 arrows. Yeah if only i had one more hour for balancing XD

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This was a very fun game, I did find a few bugs such as not being able to place or pick up items, But besides that  it was a very fun game and over all 4 stars :D

To be honest all you have to do is stay in the middle of the room and shoot ad both sides. But Thank you for your very nice comment :D

oh just wondering how many people are play this or is it just me

hey i'm here to

just awesome

i do